Sunday, October 19, 2014

Football Foods

  A collection of great food for the big game

Low Country Boil
Perfect when the whole gang has come by for the big game.
Scatter on brown paper bags in the middle of the table,
and let them help themselves.

Crispy Fried Onions
A crispy lightly coated fried onion.
Perfect for dipping in ranch or your favorite sauce.
Also perfect for topping that favorite game day burger.

Honey Wings
Delicious and very easy.
You can take help from the store with this wing recipe.
Spicy or not it's your choice.

Sweet And Spicy Pecan Bacon
A perfect balance of sweet, salty and spicy.
Very addictive!
These are made in the oven and can be prepared in advance.

Hot Dog Chili
The best chili ever for a delicious game day chili dog.
Made in advance and kept warm in the crock pot or on the stove.
Great for a big game day crowd!

Spicy Cheese Biscuits
My # 1 pick for a great game day snack!
We never watch the  game without a handful of these.
Can be made days in advance and makes plenty for a crowd.
They also freeze well.

Pico De Gallo
A delicious fresh dip for those many bags of tortilla chips purchased for game day.
This is very easy, budget friendly and can be made well in advance.
Makes enough for a big game day crowd.

Cheesy Buffalo Wings
A favorite wing among many football fans (buffalo).
The flavor is kicked up with the addition of cheese, and can be made from scratch or store bought to save time. 
Have plenty of your favorite dipping sauce ready.
These will be a touchdown.

Pimento Cheese
One of my favorite football foods!
This is easy and can be made a day in advance.
Used as a hot or cold dip.
A topping for your favorite game day burger,
or grilled into bite size sandwiches.

Potato Skins
Another favorite for football fans.
These need no utensils, and can be made as spicy as you like.
 Leave the spice out of a few, for a variety if you wish.
Potato skin in one hand cold beverage in the other!

Sweet And Sticky Wings
The perfect addition to your game day menu.
These are normally grilled so they are great for tail gating.
You can also make these in the oven,
and makes plenty of sauce for all our delicious wings.

Garlic Pork Nachos
A favorite with so many football fans.
These have a little twist because I'm not using ground beef.
If pork isn't a favorite in your house, just switch it up with turkey or beef.
The tortilla chips can be kept warmed in the oven and toppings can be made available for everyone to make their own.

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