Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Caramelized Onion Burger

I know you are thinking, there she goes with the jalapeno again!
Well lets not focus on those just yet,actually it's no jalapeno in this burger.
Let's talk about these caramelized onions which topped my mouthwatering beef burger, that was kept simple itself with just some salt and pepper. Cooked until juicy and dripping with flavor. 
Sounds tasty and we just started.
But hey, you must start with a delicious burger before adding any toppings.

My caramelized burger is a simple burger but does take a little time to make, just due to the onions.
Or should I say the time it takes to cook the onions...properly anyway. 
Cooking low and slow is the trick to a good caramelized onion.
Caramelized onions take on a different flavor then raw or even sauteed onions. Caramelizing brings out the sweetness in them. I didn't use a special sweet onion for this post, like a Vidalia, even though I have before. I don't add any sugar when caramelizing onions either.If done properly they get sweet enough all by themselves. If you cook your onion on the lowest heat possible for a very long time then you should have all the sweetness you need. I keep stressing the long period of cooking time, possibly 35 to 45 minutes on the stove top, in a skillet. Trust me, they are worth the wait. 

You can also caramelize onions in the oven by wrapping in foil with butter and cooking low and slow. Grilling is also another way we like to caramelize onion and we do this often in the summer and have caramelized onions as a side with our favorite grilled meat.This is also done by wrapping onion in foil with butter and cooking low and slow over indirect heat.

In the picture for this post my onions were sliced thinner than I normally slice for caramelized onions.I had made a huge batch of my CRISPY ONION STRAWS,which I do slice very thin.Having so many I thought I would take the opportunity to caramelize some as well.

I mentioned sweet, and if you know me I like sweet and hot, so here is where the jalapeno comes in.
I plated pickled jalapeno on the side and they are optional. If you like jalapeno then use the Pickled Jalapenos. They are perfect with the sweet caramelized onion.You get the heat from the jalapeno,and the tang from the pickling of the pepper.

We grow jalapenos and pickle as many as we can for later. The only thing we use to pickle is vinegar and a little alum.

The bun I use for my Caramelized Onion Burger is a onion roll of course.I mean what is a good onion burger without a good onion roll. I can find these easily in my grocery store. If for some reason you cant find them,a regular burger bun will work.

Jodies Kitchen Caramelized Onion Burger
1 large onion to top two burgers.
Slice onion and place in a skillet with about 1 heaping tablespoon of oil or butter and a sprinkle of salt. Keep skillet on LOWEST heat and cook until soft, gooey and brown.35 to 45 minutes.Don't rush it by turning up the heat or you will saute onion and you will not have the sweetness desired .


  1. I'm not a burger gal, but this would tempt me, Jodie! I ADORE caramelized onions and I think the flavor boosts any kind of meat! It looks luscious, and I just may have to try this next time my husband wants a hamburger! Thanks for the inspiration!

    1. Thank you Christine.You are correct, it does boost the flavor for sure.

  2. I have just recently become a fan of carmelized onions..i think I ate them in the last restaurant I worked at and Loved them..But I could not get them to taste the way I wanted, and I have tried many times..i kept thinking "come on woman,, you have cooked and trained and managed restaurant kitchens,, you can do this"..Nope ,, not until now..i think I was trying too hard..and hurrying them,, as you said..yay!!..Now I can bake them in a slow oven and I am certain they will have that taste I have been trying for..Thank you Jodie..i LOVE you woman..lol..I will share a pic as soon as I get the makings for this yummy burger,, and get it in my tummy!!!!

    1. I have had those certain things myself that I tried and tried and just could never get to work, and you are correct most of the time we do try too hard.I hope you get fantastic results.Thanks for leaving your comment.I love pics so looking forward to them.



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