Sunday, December 7, 2014

Fluffy Light Biscuits/Rolls

I swear I dont think there is anything I love any better than a fresh pan of biscuits or rolls.
Honestly I have been using this recipe many years and it came from a church cookbook.
You can probably find it in any church cookbook as a matter of fact.It is one of those good, go to recipes.

I dont use it for an everyday biscuit, by the way the original recipe calls it a biscuit.
The original recipe also calls for 7 up, AH HA! Sound familiar now? I use sprite instead, but either is fine.
These have the texture of a very soft dinner roll but doesn't have the rich buttermilk flavor I like in a biscuit.
You do get a great butter flavor and that suits me just fine for a dinner roll.
Speaking of a dinner roll, I also like a good yeast dinner roll but dont always have time for those.
In that case, I make these instead.They are so quick and easy, even someone who doesn't have a lot of experience in the kitchen will have no problem at all whipping up a pan of these.
I guess I am torn between these being a biscuit or a dinner roll, so you make them and decide for yourself.

I will take you step by step, so lets get started.

Once I have mixed together my ingredients, I place dough onto a floured counter-top. The flour is actually Bisquick mix.I shape my dough into about a 9x13 rectangle.I pat the dough out by hand not rolling, until it is the thickness I like, (Make them kind of thick you want a nice size biscuit). Since I use a square cutter, making my dough in the rectangle shape works great.I will confess, my cutter is actually from my little boys play-dough kit..LOL.It works great and he really has some fun shapes.Don't worry I washed all the play-dough off first.I also double this recipe just because they are so good.

I melted butter and poured in into my 9x13 then placed my cut biscuits/rolls down in the butter.
Yeah boy, you know they are going to be good now. Guess what?
You are also going to brush melted butter on the tops of your rolls once they have baked....Double butter!
I did have more rolls than pictured, and how many you end up with will depend on how thin you roll out the dough and the size cutter you use.You can always use a round biscuit cutter for a different shape if you wish.

Well you have waited long enough, lets get a good look at these fabulous biscuits/rolls.

Just look at how flaky the tops are, and the picture honestly shows just how soft they turn out.
I can honestly say, that out of the many times I have made these over the years they always turn out the same way.
Eat these hot out of the oven with more butter and a little honey drizzled on top, or try my favorite way which is with ham snuggled in between.

Jodies Kitchen Light and Fluffy Biscuits/Rolls
2 cups Bisquick mix + additional for dusting surface
1 cup sprite or 7 up
1/2 cup sour cream
1/4 cup melted butter + more for tops of biscuits
Mix Bisquick,sour cream and sprite together.This makes a very soft dough.
On a service that has been sprinkled with additional baking mix, pat dough out and cut biscuits.Pour melted butter into baking dish and then add cut biscuits with sides touching..Bake in a preheated 450F oven until golden brown.


  1. Oh my these are some gorgeous biscuits/rolls Jodie! Pinned, SU and and yummed!

    1. Thank you Linda.They are light they almost float away.



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