Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Rome Georgia

Beautiful Georgia
Also known as the Peach State 

Many of us have heard about the Georgia Gold Rush back in 1829 or the historic Trail of Tears.
We also may think of peaches,cotton or perhaps the Civil War when we think of Georgia.
Georgia has so much to offer travelers and locals a like.
Beaches, mountains, museums, beautiful plantations, parks,art galleries and so much more.
It is a state very rich in history and culture.
It's beauty will lead you just as far as you would like to go.
Every road takes you somewhere amazing, and some may take you back to a time of real southern belles and southern gentlemen.

Broad St. In Rome Georgia
We visited this area several times on our trip because they had so many cute shops,eateries,and even antique stores.
It was close to Easter and of course I had to take my Grand-baby to Sugar Candy Emporium to fill up on Jelly beans.
I had done my research for Rome before hand because I knew we would spend most of our time in that area.
What was I researching? Where to eat of course.

I already had two places on my foodie list of must tries for this area.

Both had great reviews and of course I wanted good food while on vacation.

Harvest Moon Cafe 234 Broad St.Rome Georgia (706) 292-0099

The Harvest Moon Cafe has a great laid back casual atmosphere.It's walls are adorned with folk art and unusual finds.You are greeted at the door by two characters who you will not soon forget.You are also going to find a nice bar in which they can make up some of your old favorites,have a glass of wine, or have them make a suggestion like I did and enjoy a Jolly Rancher Martini.


 We had a party of 6 so it took the gang a while to decide what to order...So many tasty temptations on the menu made it a hard choice for some....Well not me I knew what I was there for,and I suggested it to Dad as well.

The Red Headed Stranger
The Best Burger I have ever eaten!
The red Headed Stranger is made with a 8 oz black Angus patty,Wicked Pimina Cheese, bacon, candied jalapenos and onion straws.

I ordered my burger medium rare and that's just how the chef made it.Kudos to you!
I absolutely hate a over cooked dried out burger.I however got a moist,juicy mouth explosion when I bit into my burger.
The Red Headed Stranger had a lot going on with many different flavors but each one complimenting the other.I could have taken the burger apart and eaten each ingredient separately,they were all so fantastic.
The beef was good and juicy.Wicked Pimina Cheese, hot and oozing.Bacon cooked crisp with a slight chew.Candid jalapenos, spicy but sweet.Onion straws,crisp and thin....Oh my lets not forget that bun...It must be homemade.Well lets not forget those French fries either.
 As Dad said..."These aren't French Fries they are Fried Taters!"
 What's that mean? Well simply put,those didn't seem to come in a frozen bag that had been shipped in from somewhere else like some of the larger chain restaurants.The fries were thick cut,fried and seasoned to perfection.Hands down they were absolutely the best fries I had ever eaten at this point in my life.Trust me I have eaten and made my own share of french fries over time.

I highly recommend you visit The Harvest Moon Cafe if ever anywhere near the area.You want be disappointed!

Since Harvest Moon will not give out their recipe for the Wicked Pimina me I tried,you can find it through some local stores in This Link to wickedmoonfoods
Most of you know my family has it's own version of homemade pimento cheese which we love, and when I say the Wicked version is just as good, you best believe I don't give out those props easily.

 Harvest Moon also offer's catering on or off sight and joined The Knot, one of the largest bridal magazines and websites last year.

Harvest moon Catering on Facebook

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 HoneyMoon Bakery

HoneyMoon Bakery 228 Broad St. Rome Georgia 706-232-0611

The HoneyMoon Bakery was a must try for us on our trip.Mom has been the baker in the family for years and I knew she would love this cute little local bakery.
Absolutely no disappointments from the first time we walked in the door.
Oh yes and I must mentioned we visited the bakery twice while on vacation.

The HoneyMoon Bakery was very clean and that is something we definitely look for.
All the young ladies at the counter were very helpful.There was so much to look at and choose from.
Looking at the pastry display was like a walk into Disneyland for a child the first time.

My first trip in I knew exactly what I wanted to try though.


Since I live outside a very small town I had never tried gelato but had always wanted to.
I was thrilled at all the choices they offered.The only problem I ran across was trying to decide which one to order.As you can see they all look so tempting.
Thankfully they were kind enough to let me sample any I wanted and sample I did.I can't name one I did not love.

I ended up with a cup of pistachio the first visit.The second trip to HoneyMoon bakery was a little easier for me because I was on a mission for the tiramisu gelato. This time I went for a cone.
I was pleasantly surprised when I had actual pieces of cake in my gelato.
This was the real tiramisu deal.
When I first sampled it the day before I didn't get the cake so when I was handed my cone which I must say was a huge serving and took my first taste,I was taken back to many delicious memories of Mom's homemade tiramisu.
I am now a huge Gelato fan and will seek out that rich creamy delicious treat for many years to come.

YES! That was sorbet you seen in the case as well!

Gelato and sweet pastry wasn't the only thing they had I tried.I spotted the homemade Focaccia.Since we were staying at the hotel and eating most meals out I opted out of purchasing any and went for the sample.It was so fresh and savory.I could imagine if I lived near by purchasing this on a regular basis for my family and having a bunch of happy campers.

Homemade Focaccia

We had a few treats packed up to take back to the hotel for later.We even brought back a darling Easter Cake for my Grandson.

HoneyMoon Bakery  also has a breakfast menu with goodies such as sausage cheese balls,sweet or savory croissants,and they offer Blue Smoke Coffee among other things.

I definitely recommend trying HoneyMoon Bakery if ever in the downtown Rome Georgia area.If your not in the area it's worth a little drive out of the way.

HoneyMoon Bakery on Facebook
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  1. Thank you Jodie for the mention of my coffee at Honeymoon Bakery, one of my oldest and favorite outlets for my coffee :) Kevin - Owner/Roaster at Blue Smoke Coffee.

    1. Kevin you are very welcome.I am a huge coffee lover.Unfortunately I was not able to try any while at HoneyMoon Bakery.I don't know when I will ever get back to that area.I of course loved it and hope that my travel plans will bring me back again soon.If I ever do make my way back I will definitely be stopping back by HoneyMoon Bakery and will make sure to give your coffee a try.Best regards...Jodie

  2. Jodie, thank you so much for the kudos for my favorite local eatery and bakery! It was so wonderful to see the well-deserved praise for these wonderful places! I really hope you tried the sausage balls at the Honeymoon, because they are to DIE for!! I can't wait to share this with all my friends and family. As a Roman, born and raised, I am proud to have these 2 wonderful attractions (and they ARE attractions) in my community. Y'all come back now, ya hear? :) J. Salmon

    1. You are very welcome.I loved my visit to Rome and hope to return again some day. I will certainly try those sausage balls.



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