About Jodie

Yes that's me stuffing my face as usual.This time it happens to be a funnel cake while at lake fest in Clarksville Virginia.Clarksville is where I love to spend my fun time.

I have lived in North Carolina all my life and come from a small town.I do love to boat,fish,swim and my new hobby is chickens.I am married and have two awesome boys.One is now grown and the other little fellow still at home and in elementary school. I am currently awaiting the birth of my first born Grandchild. I also have a step grandchild who is now 4 that I was so blessed with when he came into my life several years ago.I have an awesome husband who makes my coffee in the mornings,and a little malti-poo named Sassy Jane.

My oldest Son &Me
Hubby & Me

Some of my Flock
My Malti-Poo

You can find me in the garden on pretty days and I am always looking for new and exciting foods to plant or make in the kitchen.Grilling is a must for me in the warmer months but I have been known to fire it up in the middle of winter,or start a fire in the fire pit just to roast some hotdogs and marsh-mellows with my little one.

Roasting Hot Dogs in January
First Year Asparagus in my Garden

The passion I have for cooking comes from many generations. My mother, grandmother aunts,uncles and even cousins have always had an influence on me in the kitchen. I have no culinary training and most of the recipes I post have been handed down from them. My mom has always been the baker in the family and I must say baking is not my favorite thing to do.I hate measuring and I suppose that would be the root of it.I do much more baking in the winter of course and do love the smell of fresh bread, so bread I do make from time to time and once in a while I venture out into making a cake from scratch.

My German Chocolate from scratch
My Homemade bread & butter

My spelling, grammar and punctuation are terrible and I type just about as country as I talk,walk and act. My education was limited but my passion for food is great, and to me that's what it is all about.

This Blog was originally started so that I could have a place in which the followers of my Face Book page could come to and print recipes easily.I started the Face Book Page one night just because I simply wanted to share my families favorite recipes. As time has passed I have gotten into more of the blogging aspect and not just writing recipes. I am now including reviews during my travels so that my readers will know all about the favorites I found.
 I hope you will follow me and find something delicious on the way.

Thanks for reading....Jodie


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  2. This is wonderful and it is so nice to get to know you Jodie. Patty from Cooking On A Budget.



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