Terms In The Kitchen

BASTE        To spoon or brush liquid over meats while they are cooking to keep food moist and add flavor.The liquid can be a sauce,glaze,melted butter,or pan juices.

BLANCH       To dip food briefly into boiling water.This helps looses skin for tomatoes and peaches for easy peeling.

BRAISE       To cook slowly with a small amount of liquid in a tightly covered pan.

DEGLAZE   To create a complex,flavorful sauce by poring liquid into a pan in which meat has been sauteed or roasted in order to absorb the essence and caramelized bits left in the pan.First saute meat in a heavy skillet then remove meat from skillet and add wine or broth.Bring to a boil over high heat scraping the bottom of the skillet.You can add cream,butter or herbs for richer flavor. ( see saute)

DREDGE        To coat food lightly with a dry ingredient like flour or breadcrumbs.

EMULSIFY    To bind liquids such as oil and vinegar together that don't normally blend well together.
Add one liquid,usually the oil,to the other liquid in a slow steady stream while blending,you can use a food possessor for this.

PARBOIL        To partially cook in boiling water before final cooking on a grill or in oven.

RENDER         To melt fat away from surrounding meat.Example this happens when you cook bacon   slowly and the fat gets crispy.

SAUTE               To cook or brown food lightly over fairly high heat in a small amount of fat in a skillet.

SIMMER           To cook gently at a temperature just below the boiling point.
 TEMPER         To heat food gently before adding into a hot mixture so it doesn't curdle.Example: Temper beaten eggs by adding one fourth of a hot mixture to eggs to raise the temperature,then stir back into the hot mixture.

Tsp. Means Teaspoon
Tbs. Means Tablespoon

EVOO Means Extra Virgin Olive Oil

A dash is like a sprinkle a sprinkle is like a dash..lol

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