Thursday, October 2, 2014

Cheesy Buffalo Wings

The great debate!

To bread or not to bread.

With my Cheesy Buffalo Wings the choice is yours. Don't you just love recipes like that?
I sure do, especially when it comes to wings.

Wings have been a long time favorite piece of the chicken for Mom and I both.
We like them fried, baked, or grilled it makes no difference to us.

Years ago the grocery stores would practically give wings away. They were one of the cheapest parts of the chicken to buy. Boy hasn't that changed?
I now purchase the whole wing and split it myself at the joint. So I will also have the drumette. I usually don't remove the wing tip just because I like to eat that crispy little nibble.
I have found since the whole buffalo wing craze hit, and the prices soared, it is cheaper to purchase wings this way. If you aren't into cutting chicken up, purchase it already done for you.

Another big debate is the brand of buffalo sauce and whether or not it should be a little milder or screaming hot.
That's another great thing about these wings you choose your favorite buffalo sauce.

Hey I'm not about to get in the middle of this debate!
I like them all, and all flavors as well, not just buffalo.

I am simply giving you a new twist on your favorite buffalo wing which is the cheese.

You can choose your favorite cheese with these wings. I had Colby jack on the wings pictured here, but normally use monetary jack on them.We like things spicy, but I just didn't have any this night.

Since this post is more of a idea than a recipe, I thought I would let you in on something else.
If you really don't feel like making your own wings. Purchase some of your favorite breaded buffalo wings and just add the cheese.

Jodies Kitchen Cheesy Buffalo Wings
Buffalo sauce
Shredded Cheese
Prepare wings your favorite way...breaded, naked, fried, baked or grilled.
Add your favorite buffalo sauce and coat wings well. Place wings on a baking sheet lined with parchment or foil. Top with shredded cheese and place under broiler until cheese has melted. Dip with your favorite sauce.

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