Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Fried Squash For Now Or Later

Jodies Kitchen Fried Squash

Fried squash is a family favorite around here.
This time of year we enjoy it fresh from the garden.
We sometimes have so much though that we get tired of having that fried squash several times a week just to use it up.
Then comes winter and we dream about being able to have that delicious fried squash and we are out of luck unless we want to purchase it from the store.
Just think all that squash you had in the summer could have been used for later,and you may have not even thought of it.
In this post I am going to show you step by step the easy way to prepare all that squash so that you can have it right in the middle of winter if you like.This method also works well if you like breaded and fried zucchini.

Jodies Kitchen
 First step you will slice squash and prepare your beading.All families have their favorite.I normally do yellow cornmeal,flour,salt & black pepper.Notice the ratio.I use more meal than flour here.
My egg wash is just beaten eggs thinned just slightly with a little water.I use farm fresh eggs so they are sometimes a little thicker than store bought eggs which is why I thin mine.Once you have everything together lets go to the next steps.

Jodies Kitchen

You will add your sliced squash to the beaten eggs then coat with your breading.I only do this once but you can definitely do this step twice for a thicker coating,it's all up to you.If you wanted to go ahead and fry some of this for now you could.I just put a little oil in a skillet and fry on both sides till golden brown.


We want to this for later so don't cook it yet.

Jodies Kitchen

Your next step is to place breaded squash on a sheet pan which has foil or parchment paper.Make sure squash is in a single layer and not touching.

Jodies Kitchen

Then place your squash into the freezer for several hours or just until your are sure they are frozen well.Overnight would be fine,but not any longer.

Jodies Kitchen

Once your squash is frozen well place into a freezer bag marked with contents and date, place back into your freezer to use next week,next month or dead in the middle of winter.Just take out as many pieces as you need and fry while frozen until golden brown.

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