Tuesday, December 31, 2013

So Long 2013

Happy New Year From Me To You

Wow how fast another year has gone by!

Seems like just yesterday I was swimming in the pool and now with the blink of an eye I have eaten lots of Turkey and Santa has made all his rounds and back at the North Pole.
I have watched the buttercups bloom and fade away,all the leaves have fallen from the trees,and all the grapes on the vines have long since been gone.

I haven't even had this Blog for a whole year yet or even my Jodies Kitchen Facebook page.

I have met so many wonderful people since starting up this little adventure of just sharing what I love,cooking that is.I never thought when I started this that so many people would even care about what I was having for dinner.
I am sure if you follow me though you know its not all just about me.I love sharing what I find from all our fellow foodies.I have made some great new Bloggy friends this year and treasure each one of them.
I have gotten people back in the kitchen cooking who haven't cooked in years and I have inspired a new generation of young cooks to roll up their sleeves and put on their aprons, get in the kitchen and create.

Its funny that people who most likely we will never meet in person can become so close to one another.
I have shared some very personal things this year with my followers and I can't say there is one I regret.When Mom & I lost our dear friend Edith to the joyous news of my Sons engagement,the love and compassion that has been showed to me over this last year from all of you is something I will always be thankful for.
The love of food is what originally brought us together this year.
It's nice to know that we can find some good honest common ground between human beings,when sometimes this day and time the world seems so harsh and cruel.

Most of you who know me by now,know,I am a horrible writer,with bad grammar and my punctuation is worse than a first grader.But you loved me anyway and understand that a steak in Jodies kitchen is a stake that may be spelled incorrect,but is cooked and seasoned just right.

I thought I would share a few favorite foodie highlights for me of 2013


Making a 50 gallon Brunswick Stew with my family will be a great memory that I will treasure forever.
 All the ladies cutting onions and DE-boning Chicken,the men staying up all night to stir the stew pot.Its a  tradition in many families and a highlight for me in 2013.

  My newest additions which give me much joy and of course my Farm Fresh Eggs.

1 day old

6 months old

Now I am blessed with Fresh Eggs

 A video of the first day with my chicks

 Something else that was a highlight for me this year was making my Muscadine Jelly from the grapes picked in my own back yard.Lord knows if you already seen that post how labor intensive that was.

Link for the Muscadine Jelly http://jodieskitchenrecipes.blogspot.com/2013/09/muscadine-jelly.html

The biggest best foodie highlight of 2013 was when my future Daughter N Law asked to come and bake with me.She had no clue my Son would be proposing on Christmas Eve.

 Yes I know hes a sweetie pie and a blessed addition to our Family.

 I have tried some new recipes this year that were good and I have also had a few flops.I will save you from the pain of the flops and instead share with you the top 12 favorites of 2013. Links below will take you to the recipes.

I wish you all a Happy Healthy New Year with Great Family,Friends & Food!



  1. Happy New Year, Jodie! I enjoy following along on your Fb page and blog. :) Blessings to you and your family!

    Angela from Joyously Domestic

    1. Oh thank you sweetie.To you and yours as well.



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