Saturday, January 4, 2014

Homemade Butter

Jodies Kitchen Homemade Butter

What a delicious fresh treat homemade butter can be.
My family loves it and request that it is made now on a regular basis.

Regular Basis? Yes that's right.It is so easy that it can be done as often as you like.

Now it would be perfect if I had a dairy cow in my back yard.Well I don't so I use store bought cream.I do recommend that you get organic if it is available.I have made this with non organic heavy whipping cream plenty of times and it works just fine.It is your choice if you want salted or unsalted butter.Personally I would not make it without the salt.It really enhances the flavor.You will tell a difference between this and store bought butter.The fresh cream flavor really comes through.

I have provided lots of step by step pictures for you with this one. Its an easy process but making it the first time for yourself you may get a little frustrated in the different stages of making the butter and not be sure if it's working.So hopefully this will help. Full recipe is posted at the bottom of this post.

Starting with very cold heavy whipping cream,salt,medium sized bowl and my hand mixer.This process should be done with a stand mixer if you have one.I don't have one.

This stage probably looks familiar if you have ever made your own whipped cream for topping some delicious sweet treat.Not Done,we must keep mixing.You may taste at this point to see if the salt is to your liking.You may always add a little more if needed.Remember you cant take it out.

This is very thick but it is still not butter keep going.I did have to stop at this point and move all this into a smaller bowl.I started with a very big metal bowl that I normally toss B.B.Q. wings in.If your bowl is way to large you will make a big mess with splatter when using a hand mixer.

We have kept mixing maybe 20 to 25 minutes now.When you get to this point which is where you need to be.Your mixture should have turned to a more yellow color and you will see what some folks call buttermilk that has separated from the butter.This, if you are at the correct stage would look like scrambled eggs.You can stop mixing and pour off the milk..But save it you can find many uses for it.You can strain this in a cheese cloth if you like but I do mine by hand.

I have pored off most of the milk and am gathering the butter up in my hand to get ready for the next step.

The next step is to run very cold water over your butter until water runs clear.You are doing this step to make sure you have gotten as much of the milk out as possible.This will help you butter last longer.But its not going to be around long anyway.

You can now shape your butter how ever you wish and that milk we poured off is saved for in this case (since my mixture was salted) into some creamed potatoes.

You may use this basic butter recipe and add your favorite herbs at this point,or try mixing in cinnamon.
Store butter in refrigerator if you wish.But if you want a smooth texture for easy spreading you can just keep in on the counter.Now it doesn't last long around my house so 3 or 4  days is as long as I have let mine set out.If you like you can do what My Mom does and cut the butter ball in half.Half goes into the refrigerator and half left on counter.
I hope I have inspired you to try something new,that maybe you never thought you could do.GOOD LUCK!

Jodies Kitchen Homemade Butter 
1 quart heavy whipping cream...very cold
1/2 teaspoon salt. (optional) but highly recommended.
Add both ingredients together in a medium size bowl and start to mix.Either use hand or stand mixer. Continue mixing  approximately 20 to 25 minutes until you have come to the stage that butter and milk has separated and your mixture looks like scrabbled eggs.Pour off the milk.Then scoop up the butter in your hand and run very cold water over the butter until the water is running clear.Form your butter into any shape you chose.If I do a pint of cream I use 1/4 tsp.But the salt is always optional,and the amount,you can taste as you go.

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