Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Mandarin Orange Cake

Jodies Kitchen Mandarin Orange Cake

My easy Mandarin Cake is perfect when you just don't have time
for a,from Scratch treat.
This is not the same as the recipe for my Dream-sickle Cake.
Looks the same but taste just as good.
You will notice in the ingreedients list I posted 1 can mandarin Oranges..Now before you ask,I did use a small can, but a larger can is fine.You probably would not be able to use all the juice from the large can but the xtra Mandarin Oranges would be great.
I also used the Cool Whip FROSTING..not regular cool whip.If you didn't have the vanilla cool whip frosting it would be OK to use regular cool whip,but it does give a better flavor to the cake to use the frosting.
Jodies Kitchen Mandarin Orange Cake
1 Box Duncan Hines Orange Cake Mix.
Milk...Enough to replace the water that the cake mix recipe calls for.
Ingredients for the Cake mix..oil & eggs.
1 large can Mandarin oranges -drained -save juice
COOL WHIP Vanilla Frosting
Mix oil egg and milk together blend well,add cake mix and continue mixing until well combined.Add your mandarin oranges and mix about 30 seconds.
Pour into a greased and floured pan of your choice and bake per directions on the box.I used a 9x13. When cake is taken out of oven brush the top with your saved juice from your Mandarin oranges,continue brushing every few minutes until cake has cooled and you have used the amount of juice needed to moisten cake. Let sit about 1 hour then frost with your cool whip vanilla frosting. Good Luck.

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