Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Egg Drop Soup

Jodies Kitchen Homemade Egg Drop Soup

I love egg drop soup and for me it is one of my go to soups especially when I have a cold.
There is nothing any better than a hot steaming cup topped with crunchy noodles to get me feeling much better.

Sometimes I switch it up a bit depending on what I have a taste for,or what ingredients I have on hand. I had already posted a recipe for my Semi Homemade Egg Drop Soup for you using canned chicken broth which is slightly different and made only two servings.I also did not include the Crispy noodles on top for that one.

Recently I was sick and already had homemade chicken stock in the freezer so I decided to make a batch of my homemade version.I always try and use Egg Roll wrappers when making my crispy noodles but you can also use Wonton Wrappers to make this recipe and it works just as well.

I have given you the basic recipe but by all means you can jazz this soup up with green onions or a bit of soy sauce if you like.I commonly add red pepper flakes to this soup when I am sick.But it's all your choice.I recommend you give a taste to the soup before adding the slurry to adjust seasoning and add any additional ingredients you may want.
The flavor will vary depending on how you made your original chicken stock.
I now use my farm fresh eggs which I think makes this all the better,but of course use what you have and you will have a great homemade egg drop soup.

Need A recipe for Homemade Chicken Sock

Jodies Kitchen Homemade Egg Drop Soup
Makes 4 servings
3 egg roll wrappers cut into strips
Oil (enough to fry wrappers)
Deep fry at about 375F till golden brown and sit aside
4 cups chicken stock plus 2tbs.
1 tablespoon cornstarch
1/2 teaspoon grated ginger
2 eggs lightly beaten
Salt & Pepper to taste
Make a slurry with your corn starch and the 2 tbs.of chicken stock by mixing together until well dissolved and sit aside.Bring chicken stock and ginger to a boil.Slowly pour in cornstarch slurry and mix while stirring the stock until thickened.Reduce heat to a simmer.Pour eggs in slowly while stirring the soup in one direction.Turn off heat add salt and pepper to taste.Top with your crispy noodles and eat while hot.


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