Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Country Sausage And Bean Soup

A soul warming soup packed with flavor that can be made from leftovers.

I guess I have been figuring out how to spice up beans for as long as I have been cooking them.
I love just a good ole bowl of beans and cornbread just as much as the next person, but sometimes I want to spice them up a bit.
As I said in the beginning, these are a great way to use up left over beans and give them a totally new flavor, this way your family will not get tired of them before the pot is empty.

Lets face it, with the price of food today who can afford to throw out perfectly good food just because you have become tired of it.
Freezing beans is also a good option, but why not give this recipe a try and surprise the family tonight.

There are many variations of this soup out and maybe you make a similar soup yourself.
I know some people like to add noodles, spinach, and even Italian sausage.
My family does not care for Italian sausage so I came up with using what we do like many years ago.
Country sausage.
You can use hot or mild, but for my family hot is always used.

The topping in this, especially the pickled jalapeno really does set this dish off, giving the perfect amount of acidity to the dish.
Of course if you dont do jalapeno just leave them off.

You can also add a package of taco seasoning to this recipe, if you must have some type of taco soup which seems to be so popular these days.

We prefer it without however, and really I have been making this long before taco soup became so popular and we like it just as well.

A great side for this is my families cheese biscuits and the recipe can be found by CLICKING HERE

Jodies Kitchen Country Sausage And Bean Soup
4 cups cooked baby Lima or any white beans with the juice (about 1/2 pound before cooked)
1/2 pound browned country sausage
1 cup diced or minced canned tomatoes with the juice
1 can (4.5ounce) canned green chilies
Garnish:Grated cheddar cheese, picked diced jalapeno
Cook beans in salted water in a slow cooker until done, making sure you have bean juice.
Brown and drain grease from sausage, add to beans.Add tomatoes,and green chilies.
Cook about 1 more hour on low then serve, using cheese and jalapeno for garnish.
If you choose to use taco seasoning that can be added in the beginning when cooking beans.

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  1. Well that looks like a big 'ol bowl of comfort my friend!!! Thank you so for sharing and I will definetly try this for my family since they do love bean soups!! Off to read your cheese biscuits and I will be sharing on my blog on Tuesday!!!



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