Monday, March 30, 2015

Individual Vegetable Crudités

Not to discourage you right off the bat, but this was the most time consuming of all the finger foods I made for the baby shower. My fault entirely.
I hand cut each vegetable strip.WHY? Because for some reason it never crossed my mind to use a mandolin.It would have been so much easier.

SO THAT'S MY FIRST TIP! Use a mandoline if you have it.
My second tip would be to use a squirt bottle to add the dip to the cups.It goes much quicker and makes less of a mess if you have made homemade dip.

I used HOMEMADE RANCH for half and a bottled green goddess for the other half to give guest a choice.The green goddess came in a squirt bottle already and I purchased a squirt bottle from the dollar store for my homemade ranch. I used a variety of colored bell pepper strips, carrot, celery and a brocolli floret in each cup.
The cups by the way were also purchased at the dollar tree and are actually mini plastic shot glasses.
They turned out to be the perfect size.

I would cut one strip first to get an idea of the length needed to fit in the glasses you are using.You want to make sure they are long enough to grab but not to long that they fall out of the cup.
I was afraid at first when I felt the light weight of the plastic glasses that they would tip over, but after adding the dip and a few strips for a trial run with these I found out this was not going to be a problem.

These were a big hit and I highly recommend you giving this idea a try for your next event.

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  1. What an awesome idea my friend!! Love the mandolin and squirt bottle tip!! ♥



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