Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Recipe cards

The old fashioned recipe card is something I treasure very much.With today's technology so many people can just log on and find what any recipe they need on a computer.

Well my Mom still writes recipes on cards the old fashioned way,and I do too.Most of my recipes on cards came from my Mom as a matter of fact and have been handed down from each generation,and lots of new ones she found from magazines.

There is nothing like the old fashioned recipe box containing all these treasures.

I have been adding these recipe cards to my FB page for a while.Recently..well tonight as a matter of fact,a follower ( Sandy Rees) asked if she could pin the cards.She really enjoys them...I was so glad to hear that,and really to be honest I wasn't sure how they would go over not having pictures when I started them at first.So far she isn't the only one who has appreciated them.Since you cant pin from FB I thought I would add them here to my blog..also pinning as well.So now you can have all recipe cards in all three places..Oh 4 actually they can also be viewed on Google+

The cards are in no particular order and I will continue to add new ones as often as I can.You will be able to print these just like you do my recipes.Just remember it will print the card too not just the writing.
When you use my print button you will be able to remove the recipes you do not want before printing.
Remember to check back often to view the new recipe cards. 

Green Garden Dressing

Jodies Kitchen Ranch Dressing

Jodies Kitchen Coleslaw

Jodies Kitchen Hot Spiced Pineapple Cider

Jodies Kitchen Old Fashioned Popsicle.My favorite as a kid.

Jodies Kitchen Roasted Onion Dip

Jodies Kitchen 3 ingredient Peanut Butter Cookies
Jodies Kitchen Beef Or Venison Sauce

Jodies Kitchen Chipotle Marinade

Jodies Kitchen Cool Cappuccino

Jodies Kitchen Old Fashioned No Cook Ice Cream

Jodies Kitchen Mad Mexican

Jodies Kitchen Peach Daiquiri
Jodies Kitchen Pecan Pie

Jodies Kitchen Spiced Milk

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