Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Fruit Dip

Suzie's Fruit Dip

I love fresh fruit and citrus.I love it cold especially on a warm spring day or on a scorching hot summer day.Just not cantaloupe or honeydew, not a fan of those and that makes me the odd ball in the family.Well not the only thing..LOL.

I normally just eat it cold as is, without any dip.Honestly good fresh fruit doesn't need a thing but to be eaten.
There are special occasions though when fruit dip is called for.
One being at the baby shower we just had.
I was thrilled when Suzy asked if she could make a fruit tray and dip and took her up on the offer very quickly I might add.I wasn't turning down any help.Suzy is the babies other Grandmother.
I myself have a two ingredient fruit dip I make but I knew as soon as I seen and then tasted this is was a different recipe.She did tell me that day it was only two ingredients but I never asked what it was.I did suspect cream cheese but that was all I could figure out.

One day while visiting the kids at the same time I asked for the recipe.I was thrilled to find out how simple and easy it was.
I am also happy to have a new extended family member to share recipes with.
I really like my sons soon to be mother n law and by surprise he does too.

Suzie's Fruit Dip By Jodie's Kitchen
1 (8 ounce) block cream cheese room temp
1 jar (7 ounce) marshmallow fluff
Mix the 2 ingredients very well together with a mixer or food processor.It will take a little while to get the marshmallow fluff to combine well but dont give up.It will come together.

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