Monday, September 22, 2014

Oreo Cookie Cake

I should probably start this post with calling this the Oreo Cookie Cake from you know where.
 You must read on to find out why
Don't get me wrong, the cake itself is very easy to make, assemble and decorate.
I  recently read a very inspiring Cake Decorating Tutorial for The Cake Decorating and Piping Challenged by Christina's Cucina. I consider Christina to be a very talented blogger and photographer.

All of the cakes in Christina's tutorial were decorated beautifully, but one in particular caught my eye. A cake that had no icing on the sides, just a filling in the middle and powdered sugar on top. I loved the rustic but elegant look it gave the cake.
 I will be the first to admit my family is far from being elegant, but I did want a new twist on an old favorite, and everyone likes pretty things.

It just so happened that I was baking a cake for my oldest sons Birthday when Christina posted her tutorial. I already had the cake layers made and just needed to ice the cake. My plan in the beginning, and how I normally do this cake,is just add the filling in the middle and slather the icing all over the outside of the cake, sprinkle with crushed Oreos and leave it at that.

 As I said in the beginning, the cake itself is easy. My trouble started when I was trying to photograph the cake.Not having a camera and using an I Pad by myself outside on a cloudy day does not make for good pics.I patiently waited to take pictures on the second day with hopes the sun would come out. Keeping my cake under lock and key for another day was a headache in itself. Every hour my little one was asking  "Momma when can I have cake"
 I don't blame him, it was a yummy looking cake that called my name as well, each and every time I opened the refrigerator. But back to the sun... It Did Not  Come Back Out...ok well, maybe 3 minutes then back behind the clouds.

I had problem after problem trying to get pictures that made me happy. I rushed outside,cake and I pad in hand what seemed like 100 times. Tripping over the dog, messing up the icing more than once and fighting off little drizzles of rain in between. By the time it was said and done, I was so frustrated with the picture taking process.
I was fed up,and decided what pictures I had taken would have to do.
I was done and over this cake!

It was all about my Sons Birthday in the first place.I had forgotten about that somewhere during the picture taking process.

 I am still so thankful for Christina's tutorial, and I am glad I went outside of my box and ended up with what my family considered a beautifully decorated and delicious cake.

Lets take a look at the shots I did get

I started out with  adding my filling between two 9 inch deviled food cake layers. The layers were from a box mix and the filling is simply whipped topping and crushed Oreos. I add a lot of filling to this and trust me, you will need and want every bit of it..

My next step was to add some crushed oreos to the sides off the filling. It was a pretty simple process in which I did with my hand a little at the time.

Since I didn't put any wax or parchment paper on my cake plate I had crumbs galore. I used my basting brush to swipe away the extras and saved the crumbs for the top of the cake which was just a layer of whipped topping.
I know I know! I did not make sure my cake layers were even.
Christina shows us how easy it would have been to do that in her tutorial.Now that mine is sliced, I can see where it would have made a difference in the way it looked.
I promise though it makes no difference with how this cake taste.
After all, I am just a home cook / baker making a cake for her Sons Birthday
Happy Birthday Brandon!
Jodies Kitchen Oreo Cookie Cake
1 box devils food cake mix, plus ingredients listed on box
16 oz whipped topping (you may not use all this)
2 + cups crushed Oreo cookies (I use a food processor)
Make cake layers per box directions for 8 or 9 inch pans let cool
In a bowl combine 8 ounces of the whipped topping with 2 cups of crushed Oreos and mix well to make your filling. Place one cake layer down and top with all of filling, making sure not to go over the sides. Place the top cake layer on and press gently so that the filling is coming just to the edges of the cake. Take additional crushed Oreos and press on the sides of the cake,covering the filling. Frost the top of the cake with additional cool whip. Sprinkle top with left over crushed Oreos.
Note: You may omit pressing cookies on side of cake and cover cake entirely with left over whipped topping and oreos.


  1. This cake looks absolutely amazing!! What an absolute stunner. You have me very hungry for a big slice of this right now :)

    1. Thank you Nicole. I am taking the last two pieces to my parents in the morning. We have really enjoyed it.

  2. Jodie, I am so impressed! Honestly, this cake could easily be sold in a bakery and if you didn't mention at the end about the layers, I wouldn't have noticed. I love that you thought up your own version of a decoration and did a fantastic job! Thanks for the credit, but you did an awesome job!! Can't wait to see the next one! :) CC

    1. Christina.That means a lot coming from you. Thanks so much.

  3. This is extraordinary! I love what you've done here! This is beautiful and I bet it's Delicious!

    1. Thank you so much Debi.Yes it was delicious I had my last piece tonight.

  4. Great job Jodie! Your pics look fine Jodie...I'll bet it tasted delicious!

    1. Cynthia. Thanks sweetie. I am trying



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