Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Fresh Tomato Flatbread Pizza


Jodies Kitchen Fresh Tomato Flatbread Pizza

Welcome Summer And Welcome Tomatoes!
I always look forward to fresh tomatoes for so many reasons this time of year and one of my families favorite is a fresh tomato flatbread.
There are many different ways we make these but this is one of the most simplest, and I must say very delicious. It really is very fresh tasting and even though I use a whole wheat store bought flat bread you could definitely use one you make from scratch.
This flatbread pizza happens to be a personal lunch favorite of mine. You can very easily make a side salad though and serve it for dinner.
The toppings could always be your favorites but this combo really works well.
I know that many people think of using fresh basil with fresh tomatoes because they go so well together, and they are a favorite of mine too. Oregano though goes just as good in this recipe and of course if you wanted to add basil also you could. My Mom has fresh oregano growing and always has plenty to share with me. I like to take advantage of fresh herbs when I can, but by all means use dry if that's all you have. Just remember if using dried you would probably not want to use as much.
 This is also a great recipe for anyone with diabetes. If you like pizza but normally skip it, this is a great alternative because the whole wheat flat bread will normally have less carbs than your average pizza crust.Mom also being diabetic has trouble with all those store bought pizza sauces having added sugar. The fresh tomatoes only have a small amount of natural sugar.

Jodies Kitchen Fresh Tomato Flatbread Pizza
1 flat bread
1small to medium fresh tomato
2 tablespoons fresh oregano
salt to taste
Parmesan cheese freshly grated
Olive oil
Crush tomato by hand and spread evenly on flat bread then sprinkle with salt. Add oregano and top with parmesan cheese. Bake in a 425F oven until cheese has melted. Remove from oven and drizzle with olive oil. For a crispier crust you may pre bake the flatbread.


  1. Jodie, your flatbread is absolutely gorgeous! So summery and healthy too! I have to choose my carbs carefully and was excited to find a pizza that I can enjoy without worry. Thank you for another wonderful recipe!

    1. Thank you darling. Mom has been using the flat bread for years. I probably should work on making one from scratch.



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