Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Old Fashioned Strawberry Pop-sickle's

Jodies Kitchen  Old Fashioned Strawberry Popsicles

Old Fashioned Homemade Strawberry Pop-sickle's
A great summer childhood memory

If you remember a few weeks ago I shared a recipe card for old fashioned pop-sickle's.
In the post I told you how I knew they were not healthy at all, but they are what Momma made me back in the 70's.
There is not a real strawberry anywhere in the recipe. I did add a few for my post to jazz up the pic.
I am not sure just how far the recipe goes back...Well I guess it would be as old as Kool-Aid and Jello.
That round koolaid dude has been around awhile I think.
Back then I don't think Mom was aware of a healthier version like the ones we have today.
OK I know you are thinking 70's then Momma would have been feeding me wheat germ or something of that sorts. But Mom wasn't into the whole flower child movement...
What was up with her? I would have been burning bras and eating brownies!
Oh just kidding around here wink wink Smiley

Just think! We are also talking about the days when there were no seat-belt laws and I rode in the back of the old family station wagon wallowing around on the floor board, and even climbing up in the back glass. We are also talking about a time when we left doors and windows unlocked and it was perfectly acceptable to get a switching from the nearest king hickory...Yes you even had to cut it yourself no doubt. OUCH!

Well I hope at this point in the post you can close your eyes and be taken back to this same time as well.

That's just what I did earlier today. I closed my eyes while eating one of these homemade pop-sickle's and in my mind I could see myself back in the summer as a child. 
In my white go-go boots and shorts eating my pop-sickle!
I remembered what my Mom looked like back in her youth. Long brown hair and the sweetest warmest smile. She was wearing those wedge shoes that had ties that went all the way up the calf, a halter top that tied around the back of the neck and an amazing tan.
She was handing me my pop-sickles and said
"Jodie I made pop-sickles do you want one"
I took my pop-sickle and sat out on the old farm house porch devouring it before it started to melt and run down to my elbow in the warm summer heat. I wasn't very successful with that. I can see the pop-sickle melting and me even licking the sweet strawberry juice from my arm. Hey I was a kid..I ate mud pies back in those days too.

I guess that was a time before germs and antibacterial soap.

Honestly in my mind the most important thing I remembered was how dang good the pop-sickles were.
My trip down memory lane didn't last long because shortly that sweet little voice of Seth's brought me back to reality.

MOMMA! "Can I talk now"

 I had made the pop-sickles for him and I to enjoy together and told him that his meme use to make them for me. I asked him to sit quietly while I ate mine so I could close my eyes and think back....WHO WAS I KIDDING a 7 year old quiet after eating these sugar filled pop-sickles.

Moms Homemade Old Fashioned Strawberry Pop-sickles are a treat and not something we would have on a regular basis.
 I am so glad however I took the time to make them and share the story with my Son.
I still have Moms original recipe card and will hold onto it like gold until time to pass it down to the next generation.

What I couldn't figure out originally was why it would even have the jello. I figured that just the sweetened Kool-Aid would be enough. I made it exactly like Mom had written down and after taking only a few bites I figures it out. It really tasted like a perfectly made jug of Strawberry Kool-Aid, but it was the texture. Adding the jello gave it a creamier texture and not as icy which I find fantastic!

SmileySmileyI have so many great summer memories but this is one of my favorites.
Summer and Pop-sickles

Jodies Kitchen Old Fashioned Strawberry Pop-sickles
1 small box strawberry jello
1 pack strawberry kool aid
1 cup sugar
2 cups boiling water
2 cups cold water
Boil water remove from heat and add jello, koolaid and sugar. Mix well until all is dissolved. Add cold water and mix well. Pour into your pop-sickles molds let cool slightly before adding to freezer. Freeze and enjoy.
Note: Moms recipe made 18 she used Popsicle molds that were from Tupperware back in the day and were much smaller than what I have. I made 8 in the size pictured and had left over mix.How many this makes will depend on your size popsicle mold. If you have any mix left over refrigerate over night and you will have kool aid jello..It firms up like regular jello.


  1. I loved your story. Sweet memories. Is the koto laid packet that little one that you add your own sugar to?

    1. Thank you Sandi. It is the little pack of kool aid you add sugar to. Here they only come in one size. The Jello usually comes in two sizes. Unfortunately Moms recipe only said small box. I knew what she was talking about. But when making the recipe the other day I threw the box away before looking at the ounces so I could add it to this post. I will edit and add the correct ounces as soon as I figure it out for everyone. But like I said I am pretty sure their are only two sizes in a normal grocery store. Now a Sams or Costco could have a 65 ounce



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