Thursday, July 3, 2014

Berry Shakes

Jodies Kitchen Berry Shakes

The Yummy Berry Shake!

Everybody has their own favorite flavor.
Most everyone also has a preference as to how they like theirs.Some like it thick and some like it thin.

My favorite back in the day wasn't even a berry it was banana,and I like mine on the thinner side so I can get it through the straw.These are a much thinner shake and the star is really the berry with this particular recipe.You will find in this recipe your are adding more berry than anything else.
These are a fantastic alternative to the more traditional heavier old fashioned milkshakes.
Berries are so plentiful at the moment I decided to give you a choice in this post with Strawberry Blueberry and Raspberry.

Do you have another favorite berry? If so give it a whirl I am sure it would be great.
I surprised myself when making these because honestly I am not a fan of raspberry.
My son and husband love them however and I thought it would be nice if I did one for them.

 To my surprise the raspberry ended up being my favorite one! 

You can definitely use your favorite homemade vanilla Ice cream for these but if not make sure that you use a vanilla that has actual vanilla bean.You wont use very much Ice cream in these so let's make sure you use the best you can find.

If you are not a fan of the small seeds that can be left behind with some berries just make a puree of them first and strain out the seeds.You can then add your puree to the blender and follow the rest of the recipe.
We don't mind them at all in these so I don't bother to strain.

Need to dress up shakes for the 4th of July?
 Just mix your berry garnish.
If you really want to get creative layer your shake.
Start with either raspberry or strawberry on the bottom then a layer of vanilla ice cream then a layer of the blueberry.

Jodies Kitchen Berry Shake

Jodies Kitchen Berry Shake
Makes 1 (8) ounce serving
3/4 cup berries plus a few for garnish
1 scoop vanilla ice cream (frozen hard)
1 large (heaping) tablespoon soften vanilla ice cream for topping
2 tablespoons milk
Add berries to blender..note if using strawberries you should slice those before adding.Add 1 scoop ice cream and milk.Blend all just until combined and berries are fully blended.Add shake to chilled glass and top with soften ice cream and garnish with extra berries.

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