Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Sweet Tea

Jodies Kitchen Sweet Tea

If you live in the south you probably will find a gallon of sweet tea in just about any refrigerator you look in.It is perfectly acceptable to find tea in a re used cleaned milk jug or old pickle jar as well..Actually that's what I remember it being in as a kid.

Well, I make it by the gallons,because when I make it, it's gone pretty fast.I have gotten away from very sweet tea and started making a less sweet version several years ago when my little boy was always asking for it.I knew there was no way that almost 2 cups of sugar in a gallon could be good for any of us.So I cut back a bit on the sugar and still used the same method I have always used.It's still sweet tea trust me but it wont send you to the hospital in a diabetic comma.

I have a pet peeve about sweet Iced tea and how sometimes it is very bitter and off tasting.I found from a friend who worked at a restaurant the reason for this.Lots off time this tea has been left out of the refrigerator to long and has started to spoil..I know,I never knew it could spoil either.But I have actually had it happen to me before and every since my tea goes immediately into the refrigerator and stays there unless we are poring a nice big glass.I never put ice into my tea while in the tea jug,it should wait until you are ready to serve and put ice in the glass.

Jodies Kitchen Sweet Tea
Makes 1 gallon
2 quarts water for boiling
10 tea bags (not family size)
1 & 1/3 cup sugar
2 quarts cold water
Lemon if desired
Place 2 quarts water in pot and bring to a boil.Take off heat and add tea bags making sure they get submerged.Let sit for 15 minutes.In a gallon sized container add sugar.Pour tea mix into container,squeeze any tea left into bags into your container and stir.Water should be warm enough still to help dissolve sugar.Add 2 quarts cold water and stir or shake well.Place directly into refrigerator uncovered or un capped until completely cool.This should sit several hours before serving.Serve with slices of lemon if desired.

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  1. Thanks for sharing. Yes, we have to submerge the tea bags in the hot water for sometimes but those SIA air-hostess never do that. I saw them put them in and remove within 10 seconds so the tea is too tasteless and wasted a box of tea bags. ( I was standing near the toilet waiting for my turn when she was making the tea. ) When I request a cup of tea and wanted it to stay in my cup when serve, the air hostess said " Wow, you want it so strong !" As if I'm weird. 1 gallon = 3780 ml = 3.78 litres if you stay outside of USA !



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