Monday, April 28, 2014

Green Beans with Garlic & Bacon

Jodies Kitchen Green Beans With Garlic & Bacon


Well its pretty simple.In the store one day I had made up my mind I would not purchase anything processed on this trip.I looked around for fresh ingredients and low n behold they had these beautiful fresh Haricots verts. 
You should hear me pronounce that one.
  I must say when down at the farmers market last year I asked for Harry Covears  (that's how I pronounced it), the man looked at me like I was crazy and said naw honey I never heard of that kind before..I am laughing at my own self  because I wouldn't even be able to spell it for him.Let me say thanks to Google on the spelling for that one by the way for this post.

Most of us here in the South don't plant this type of bean,but I have found that my family loves them better than some of the ones like Grandma use to plant.I have found a variety called Jade that is very similar to these that we now plant here in my garden.But you should be able to find green beans labeled   Haricots verts in most any grocery store now a days.

I like finding new and delicious ways to prepare my green beans and this way is a light refreshing way that I sometimes choose to do when the weather is warmer and fresh beans are available.I would definitely not do this with canned beans.

I did say light didn't I?

I know you may be thinking that there is no way these could be light with all that bacon,but I promise it is a nice balance and the bacon enhances these beans it doesn't take it over..

I did say I was from the South,right?

I beans in my house and in lot's of southern homes normally contain bacon or bacon grease added for flavor some salt and once in a while I have known some to use sugar,vinegar or even a little onion.So really this isn't to far out of the box for you or me. It is a different taste tho from what you might find at your local Church homecoming or at Grandmas on Sunday,but open up your imagination grab a fork and get ready to dig in to a great lighter tasting version of Green Beans with Garlic & Bacon.

Jodies Kitchen Green Beans With Garlic & Bacon
1 pound haricots vert green beans
5 cloves garlic sliced 
1/2 cup onion diced
5 slices bacon cooked crisp & crumbled,reserve grease
2 teaspoons sugar
1 1/2 tablespoons fresh lemon juice
salt & black pepper to taste 
Cook beans in salted water until tender but still a little crisp.Drain & set aside.In reserved bacon grease add garlic and let cook on low until toasted light brown and soft,careful not to burn.Remove garlic form pan.Add onions and cook until soft.Add sugar, lemon,salt & pepper cook for 1 minute then toss in bean's, and most of the bacon.Mix well coating all of green beans.Serve and top with more crumbled bacon.


  1. Haricot vert is not a type of green bean. It just means "green bean" in French. Haricot means beans and vert means green. Since the French like to put the adjective after the noun usually, if you were to pluralize it, it would be haricots vert.

  2. You are correct about Haricot vert meaning green bean in French.But it is a variety of bean,just like Blue lake,Jade,and Kentucky Blue.Many people including professional chefs specify Haricot vert as a variety or type of bean to use when writing recipes.There are over 130 varieties of green beans and if I hadn't specified Haricot vert then some people may not know which one I used in my recipe.Thank you for leaving a comment...jodie



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