Friday, April 25, 2014

Cajun Chicken And Dumplings

Jodies Kitchen Cajun Turkey and Dumplings

Cajun Chicken & Dumplings or Cajun Turkey & Dumplings Are A Huge Cast Iron Pot Of Bubbling Comfort.

Yes you may use chicken or turkey which ever you wish,and I do make chicken more often than turkey.I just so happen to have a 20+ pound turkey I was using for several things and one of my families favorites came to mind.Cajun style dumplings. 
To me this is a great heat level with the measurements I gave you for the Cajun spice..Which by the way is the only brand me and my family uses,
My husband and I could use a little more but my little guy was also eating these and I had to keep a heat level he could tolerate.But hey, it is Cajun so go ahead and be bold with more if you wish. 

Slap Ya Mama was first used in my family by my oldest son and he is a spice lover.So Dad gave it a whirl  after my sons rave reviews with his Cajun Catfish nuggets and after I gave those a try I had to start using it myself.I hope you enjoy some good old Cajun food as much as we do and try these out for yourself.They are really as good as they look.

Jodies Kitchen Cajun Chicken and Dumplings
48 oz chicken or turkey stock
2 cups cooked Chicken..or meat of your choice torn into small pieces or chopped
2 cups baking mix such as Bisquick
1 tsp Cajun seasoning I use
Slap Ya Mama Cajun Products
1/2 stick melted butter
13 oz buttermilk
salt & pepper to taste

In a bowl mix together baking mix and Cajun seasoning.Add melted butter,buttermilk and salt.Mix well.Drop by tablespoons into boiling stock and chicken.Turn down to a low boil and cover.Cook about 10 minutes remove lid and serve while hot.Don't forget to taste for seasoning and add as needed.

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