Thursday, April 24, 2014

Breakfast Burrito

Jodies Kitchen Breakfast Burrito

Yes it's as good and as fresh as it looks!

McDonald's can have that $1 burrito!
I am having my homemade version and I promise you, I will enjoy it much more than going by that window,placing a order,and getting back a rubbery egg burrito that has no texture and not a lot of flavor...I love a double cheese from McDonald's so don't get me wrong.They do have a place in my life just not with a burrito.
My homemade version is packed with the things I love and prepared my way.Although I had to use a store bought tortilla this morning it is even better when using my homemade tortillas.Hey at 9 something in the morning,
I wasn't making tortillas,and this really was thrown together...very quickly I might add.
This morning after one of my Facebook followers mentioned burritos that's when the craving hit.

These are so easy to do and you can add what ever ingredients that you like.Sometimes I do sausage as well but this morning bacon is what I had a hankering for.
I have spinach growing at the moment so when I have it I use it as much as possible...I figure its very good for you and hey why not add some extra nutritional value when I can...Well ya know I was using Pork Bacon. LOL. Yes if you like turkey bacon it works just as well.

Maybe you dont eat meat at all and want a veggie packed borito.Well have at it.They are delicious as well and can be filled with squash,zucchini, mushrooms, onions,tomatoes...let your imagination run wild!

Are you on Facebook? See how I make my homemade Flour Tortillas 

Jodies Kitchen Breakfast Burrito

1 flour tortilla warmed
2 scrambled eggs
4 slices cooked bacon
1 tbs.chopped bell peppers
1 tbs.spinach chopped
Hot sauce to taste
salt and pepper to taste. 
Place all ingredients on your warmed tortilla starting with eggs,the other ingredients can be done in the order of your choice. Eat & enjoy.


  1. I adore breakfast burritos and yours looks amazing! Shared around!



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