Sunday, October 13, 2013

B.L.T. Pasta Salad

This is a very simple salad that I came up with years ago when my youngest son realized he liked Fresh Spinach on his sandwiches.
He was on a eating binge of bologna, lettuce, cheese, pickle, and mayonnaise sandwich. He wanted one every day.
Not having lettuce one day I thought I would try replacing the lettuce with spinach.When I seen how much he loved it,and then requested it on his sandwiches,I thought I would give it a try one morning on my B.L.T. sandwich.
I loved it.
I knew it had much more nutritional value than a sandwich with iceberg lettuce on it...HA HA I know, worrying about nutrition having bacon & Mayo.
I thought to myself,this would be a great pasta salad. The pasta replacing the bread and keeping everything else the same.
The first time this pasta salad was made,I made it with only using mayonnaise.
It was kind of BLAH!  So then it came to me we love pasta salad with a little ranch flavor sometimes, why not add a little ranch dressing mix to the mayo. 
YES...Now we have a great B.L.T. Pasta Salad. 
Having just that little bit of ranch mix in the mayo gave it just enough flavor without over powering the taste of the bacon and tomatoes,and I want to taste my Bacon & Tomatoes.

This is one of those recipes that is not exact,and really is up to you as the amounts.
In this pic I plated mine on top off additional spinach,and topped with 

Jodies Kitchen B.L.T. Pasta Salad
Fresh Spinach
Cooked Macaroni Noodles..You may use whole wheat.
Bacon ..cooked and crumbled..Use more than you think you will need.You want to taste the Bacon.
Tomatoes..I like the Cherry or grape variety for this,but may use any
mayonnaise,enough to dress your salad the way you like.
Ranch dressing Mix. I use the powder mix you make up yourself. You wont need much,maybe a teaspoon to teaspoon 1/2 depending on the size of salad you are making.Remember just enough to flavor that mayo a bit.
Combine mayo and ranch mix together, (don't go by any directions on the package) add to your cooked (cooled) macaroni noodles and mix well.If it looks to dry add a little more dressing.Then add crumbled bacon and mix well.Add tomatoes and spinach,then gently mix together until all ingredients are combined. Taste for seasoning then eat up when its the way you like.

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