Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Son-Shine Punch

Jodies Kitchen Son-Shine Punch

No the name isn't a typo. 
I named this Punch Son-shine Punch because I finally found a Punch my Son loved for his Birthday. 

I love Punch and have been making many different kinds for years,but I knew he never really liked them.
Last year at Christmas I remember asking him,why he didn't like Punch.
He simply said,well I'm not sure,but I know I don't like Pineapple juice,and a lot of punch's you make have it.
Well I got to thinking on this,yes he was right,because I am a huge fan of Pineapple. I guess most of the ones I had been making did include Pineapple juice.

I went on a search sometime back then, and came up with a recipe I had and made a note to replace the Pineapple juice with Cranberry juice.This recipe had been tucked away since last year.

Recently when my Sons Birthday was approaching and I was having the family over,I thought well what kind of punch this year,as I was looking I ran across it..I was so happy and keeping my fingers crossed that he would like this one.. YAY!  He had two glasses and said this is the first Punch I have ever had anywhere that he like. 
I have always called my Son my Son-shine,so I thought it only appropriate that this Punch carry that name.It  is not overly sweet and in this pic it's about half of what the recipe makes.The color of the punch is also a little lighter than whats showing in the picture I am not a photographer lol so no idea on that one.I hope you give this one a try and enjoy.

Jodies Kitchen Son-Shine Punch
1 cup frozen lemonade concentrate ..thawed
6 oz.frozen orange juice concentrate ...thawed
2 cups cranberry juice cocktail..chilled.. my favorite is Ocean Spray
2 liter Sprite..or any lemon lime soda..chilled
1/4 cup white granulated sugar
3 cups water..Hot..not boiling
Lemon and Orange slices,for floating in beverage pitcher,and garnishing glasses.
Start by adding sugar into the hot water and mixing until dissolved.Let your sugar water cool then add all other juices and mix well.To you pitcher add the juice mixture and citrus slices,then before serving add your sprite and mix well.Serve in chilled glasses with crushed Ice,and Citrus slices.


  1. Hi Jodie! Thank You so much for stopping by my page and sharing my "almost killed me" smoothie on yours. I'm always happy to meet and make new bloggy friends. I'm now following you on Bloglovin, Pinterest, GFC and FB! I really like your recipes and can already tell will be visiting your blog often! Have a fantastic weekend, Lizy at just dip it in chocolate.

    1. Lizbeth Its always so lovely to connect with fellow Foodies.I am really looking forward to a lovely friendship.



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