Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Cheese Squares

Jodies Kitchen Cheese Squares

These delicious little Party sandwiches have been at many Family gatherings.I remember the first time my Mom had made them,I flipped out.I thought it was the best thing since candy. 
I am always late for the party,so by the time I made it to my Brothers Birthday Party,all that was left for me was these 4 lonely little sandwiches.They were already cold and the cheese had sit back up by the time this picture was taken.Normally you eat while still hot or at-least warn and the cheese is still oozing.But since we were having chilli beans that day it was o.k. because they also make the perfect little dunkers for Chilli and Soups.Think of them as KICKED UP Grilled Cheeses.

Jodies Kitchen Party Cheese Squares
1 cup butter..room temp
2 jars 5oz each  Old English Cheese Spread
1 egg room temp
1  4oz can green chillies drained and chopped
1/4 cup salsa
2 cups shredded sharp cheddar cheese  (8oz)
3 pounds sliced sandwich bread - crust removed..Divided..For tops and bottoms
Cream butter,cheese spread and egg together until smooth.Stir in chillies,salsa and cheddar cheese.
Spread 1 tablespoon of the mix on each slice of bread (remember only half of the bread)Top with remaining bread.Spread with more cheese mixture on top of that.Cut into 4 squares each.Place on a greased  baking sheet, bake preheated 350F 10-15 minutes.Just till golden and bubbly.Serve while hot.
 FOR MAKING AHEAD AND FREEZING: Make sandwiches then place on a sheet pan and put into freezer UN-covered several hours, or until cheese mix is frozen enough to pack sandwiches,then remove and put into a air tight container and store in freezer.For best results keep in freezer no longer than 3 weeks.Take out of freezer when ready to cook no need to thaw. Bake same as above.

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