Sunday, August 11, 2013

Simple Potato Salad

Jodies Kitchen Simple Potato Salad

This is one Potato Salad I would say I make the most.I normally use my Mother N Laws homemade pickles but didn't have them the day this was made.I used sweet baby midgets.
We like a chunkier potato salad so I normally don't use the relish.I also cook potatoes just until fork tender so they don't break apart to bad when mixing.
You will also notice there is no mustard in this recipe.We simply like it better without,but you could certainly add if you wish.
I was using potatoes fresh from my garden so the skins were left on these potatoes.The skins are so thin when getting them fresh I simply just wash under water to rinse any dirt away.
If using potatoes from the store that might not be as fresh I normally will take the skins off.
I have tried to give an exact recipe for this,I usually just do it by eye,so you can make any adjustments needed to suit your taste.Some people like a wetter Potato salad which would come from the mayonnaise in this recipe,and some like it a little drier.
Just remember, as potato salad sits it will dry up a little,and is better after making several hours.

Jodies Kitchen Simple Potato Salad
2 cups cooked chopped potatoes. I cook in salted water
1/2 cup mayonnaise
1/4 cup diced onion
1/4 cup diced sweet pickle
2 boiled eggs chopped
salt & pepper to taste
Mix together mayonnaise,onion,and pickle.Toss this with cooked potatoes and eggs, mix together well but gently.Salt and pepper as desired.Refrigerate for several hours before serving.Good Luck.

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