Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Smores Ice Cream Sandwich

First off you will need my Chocolate Swirl Ice Cream.
(substitute with store Bought if you don't have mine)

Then add miniature marshmallows as many as you would like. Mix together and place between 2 graham crackers, mash together easily so as not to break your graham crackers wrap in plastic wrap and put back into freezer about 1 hour take out and enjoy.
I came up with this recipe today when I was asked By my little boy for an Ice Cream sandwich.He loved it and so did I.

Jodies Kitchen Chocolate Swirl Ice Cream

Needs no Ice cream Maker for this one.So Creamy and Delicious,I could hardly believe the recipe when I read it.But its all true.Taste like Fudge Swirl Ice Cream you bought at the store..Only better of course.It sets up well just like Ice cream should..and I don't mean the soft serve kind,but if you wanted it softer just don't freeze as long.

Jodies Kitchen Chocolate Swirl Ice Cream/Smores Sandwiches
2 Cups heavy whipping cream...Very cold
1 tbs.Vanilla flavoring..use the real thing if you have it.
1-14 oz. Sweet Condensed Milk
1 cup fudge sauce..I used Hersey
Mini marshmallows
Graham crackers

Place cream and vanilla in a large cold bowl and whisk until you have soft peaks,then fold in gently your milk incorporating well.Pour Mixture into a 2 quart freezer safe container and freeze about 3 hours,Once partially frozen remove from freezer and poor long ribbons of the fudge sauce over ice cream about 2 inches apart,then gently run a big spoon through this going in straight lines..Your not wanting to mix all this in together which is why I suggest going in straight lines.If you mix all together you want have the swirl look.Place back in freezer and let freeze 4 hours or until it has set up to your liking..This pic had set up over night.
For the ice cream sandwiches
Before Ice cream has set up fully incorporate marshmallows, then continue freezing. Place ice cream between two graham crackers and wrap in plastic placing back in freezer one hour, then serve.

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