Sunday, June 30, 2013

Patty Melt

Jodies Kitchen Patty Melt

Jodies Kitchen Patty Melt ...Makes 4
1 pound Ground Burger of your Choice
1 Onion Grated
Salt and Pepper to taste
8 slices of white bread
Butter- just enough to butter your bread
4 slices Colby Jack cheese,or cheese of your choice
In a large Bowl combine ground beef with salt and pepper ( I use a lot )
Make out 4 patties in the shape of your bread...Keep them kind of thin,place them to your griddle or fry pan and them top with your grated onions pressing onions down into the meat.After cooking on one side flip patty and press down with your spatula..Yes its o.k. at this point in the cooking process, and let onions cook well into the meat.when burgers are done to your liking then take off griddle and set aside.LIGHTLY I MEAN LIGHTLY butter your bread on both sides and grill.If you have to much butter your Patty melt will be to soggy.Put the burgers and cheese onto your grilled bread and top with the other slices of bread,grill for a few more minutes cheese side down until cheese is gooey.
Note: you may always add any condiments you wish to your patty melt..But this is my Basic way.Good Luck

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