Thursday, March 5, 2015

White Chocolate Grapes

White Chocolate Grapes are dipped into delicious white chocolate and then into pecans.It's really that simple.

A easy, delicious recipe, but to be honest it is very time consuming, well if you have 100 of them to do.Which is how many I had to make for a baby shower.
 The recipe doubles and would even triple very easily if you had more to make than 50, which is what my recipe will make.Bless your heart if you have to make more than 100, because I was so done with this project about half way through the process.

I did dip these the night before the shower and then we skewerd them right before the shower the next day. I had never made them that far in advance.I was worried with how the grapes would hold up after I speared them with the toothpicks the night before.

You live and learn, so here is what I learned:
In the past when I had made these I was serving a few hours later, so I added the toothpicks so I could dip them easily.Trust me it does make the process more easy.This time I was just dipping by hand, which made it very hard to dip the grapes down into the chocolate as far as they should have been.
You want a good amount of chocolate on these so you can make the decision for yourself how you want to dip.
If you do it by hand just try and dip as far down as possible.If you are not making these way in advance then go ahead and use the toothpicks for something to hold onto when dipping and you should have no problem getting the proper amount of chocolate.

If any of you have made these before, I hope you leave me a comment and let me know how far in advance and how they held up after being speared.I know I will make more in the future and making them in advance really is helpful.

I like to keep these chilled until ready to serve.I dont like room temperature grapes at all.I had so much going on the day of the shower mine really were not as chilled as I would have liked by the time guest arrived.Everyone still enjoyed them and my guest who were skipping cake really enjoyed the thoughtfulness of having another sweet alternative.

Jodies Kitchen White Chocolate Grapes
50 seedless grapes (any variety) clean and dried
1 white chocolate bar ( I use the Ghiradelli ) melted
1 & 1/4 cup pecans chopped
50 toothpicks
Spear grapes with toothpicks and dip into melted chocolate making sure to dip grapes at-least half way into chocolate.Let any excess drip off.Quickly dip and roll grapes into pecans and place on parchment or wax paper.

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