Friday, March 6, 2015

Ham And Swiss Omelet

Eggs are a big deal with me and always have been.

When I was a toddler my Dad would feed me 4 eggs each morning.I know this because I have been told about it time and time again.I dont remember it of course.I do remember always having eggs though, and always enjoying their nice rich flavor.Some folks are just grossed out by them.

Now that I am grown and have my own chickens I am always using fresh eggs whenever I can.

A omelet is such a perfect vessel for many ingredients and I play around with different combos a lot.
One of my favorites is Ham & Swiss.I love the combo of the slightly salty ham which eggs love and then the little tang and great melting of the Swiss.

I wish I could tell you all of my omelets always come out beautiful 100% of the the one in the picture below.I cant, .sometimes they end up falling apart even if I use the recommended cooking method.When this happens I end up with a egg scramble which is just as tasty and I still enjoy very much.

I will tell you the proper method for cooking a pretty omelet.

 In a small skillet, melt oil or butter over medium-high heat. Whisk the eggs, salt and pepper lightly. Add egg mixture to pan.
As eggs set, push cooked edges toward the center, letting uncooked portion flow underneath. When the eggs are set, place ingredients on one side; fold other side over filling. DONE!

Now in this picture after I added my ingredients inside I also added some cheese on top and slid under the broiler a moment just to melt the cheese on top while it was still in my skillet.
Non stick skillets are best when making omelets and is recommended.I dont have one amazingly and use a stainless all-clad skillet.

Jodies Kitchen Ham & Swiss Omelet
1 tablespoon oil or butter
3 large eggs
Salt & Pepper (to taste)
1/2 cup ham (cooked and diced)
1/4 cup Swiss cheese (shredded)
1 & 1/2 teaspoons flat leaf parsley1/2 inside and 1/2 on top for garnish (optional)
Beat eggs with salt and pepper. In a skillet add oil and bring heat up to about medium.Add egg mixture.As the eggs start to cook push cooked eggs toward center and continue this method until eggs are almost done.Add filling to one side of the omelet and fold over.Makes one large omelet.

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