Sunday, October 5, 2014

Easy And Budget Friendly Prepping For The Week


I can say being a stay at home mom really does have its advantages.
One is being able to cook for my family all the time.
There are lots of you though who have to work outside the home and may not have as much time as us stay at home moms, but still want to get a good meal on the table for your family. I use my crock pot like many of you who work, to accomplish this for main meals.

It honestly doesn't matter which you are, we are all faced with some common struggles.

Trying to keep cost down and finding quick easy ideas.

Those hectic mornings trying to get everyone out the door with breakfast, possibly packing lunches, and even rounding up shoes which always seem to get lost before the kids need to head out the door.

Mornings aren't the only hectic times in our homes. Sometimes right after school when homework needs to be done, everyone is hungry and wanting a snack, and trying to get dinner started. You can get a little overwhelmed at everyone pulling you in every direction except the direction you need to go, which is probably folding that last load of laundry.

I have combined a few tricks I use on the weekend to get ready for the upcoming week during these hectic times. I hope you will find the tips helpful and give them a try and it makes your mornings and afternoons a little less hectic.

Snack boxes filled with family favorites can be a great way to have after school snacks ready to go when everyone is hollering they are hungry.
I pre package most of my own things to cut way back on cost. Pre packaged snacks can get expensive and making your own saves lots of money. On Sunday I package the snacks and they get refilled as the week goes and they magically disappear. Pictured here I have a mix of pretzels, sunflower seeds and mixed nuts. String cheese and meat sticks, pears, graham crackers with peanut butter and a container with cherry tomatoes and grapes. All pre washed and ready to be eaten.
When my little one says I need a snack, its ready and waiting for him to grab his own.
Snack boxes are also a great do ahead for packing lunches. Just grab and throw it in the lunch box.

The much loved pancakes and bacon.
Who has time to make that on hectic mornings, I don't so these easy pancakes and bacon can be made ahead and reheated for a quick breakfast.

The process is simple. Cook bacon of your choice until done but still soft. Make pancake batter, and pour batter on your griddle or skillet a little wider and longer than the with and length of your bacon. Cook batter just a minute then add your slice of cooked bacon into the batter before it cooks all the way, pressing bacon in batter slightly. Once pancakes are ready to flip. Flip pancake and finish cooking on opposite side. I find cutting the strips of bacon in half works well with this method. These need no forks which makes a great grab and go for a busy morning.

Got time in the mornings to make biscuits? ... LOL... I DON'T!

Making up your families favorite breakfast biscuits are a great idea for a fast breakfast. It is also budget friendly. Ever checked out the prices on those name brand pre packaged breakfast biscuits?
I also make these ahead for my husband. It prevents him from going by a fast food place and having to spend money and time before work for breakfast. Most of these can be made ahead of time and frozen if you wont be eating them within a few days. You can take them from the freezer the night before and place in refrigerator over night. In the morning pop it in the microwave and head out the door.

My French Toast Waffles are also a easy budget friendly do ahead. These can be made in advance refrigerated or frozen and popped into the toaster over for a fast breakfast.
These are budget friendly for two reasons. One is you are making them homemade and not purchasing pre packaged French toast or waffles. The second reason is these are made with loaf bread.
Simply make up your favorite French toast batter and coat loaf bread on each side. Place in your greased waffle iron and cook until done. These turn out crispy and delicious.

If you are on Face Book you can see my recipe for the French toast batter I use.HERE

I have been doing this for years myself and I hope these tips will inspire you to do a little weekend prep so you can have a less stressful week and save a little money.


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