Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Chocolate Brownie Waffles

Jodies Kitchen Chocolate Brownie Waffles

I know! I need to say a prayer and ask forgiveness after eating something as sinful as this.

My Chocolate Brownie Waffles are warm and chocolaty,with fresh cream and strawberries.The toppings of course would be all up to you,but trust me this combo was great.
My Chocolate Brownie Waffles would be great for a whimsical dessert or even a special birthday breakfast.

 The heat and humidity was very bad this morning,so as you noticed my cream had already started suffering from the heat before I was done taking pics.It does look a bit like melting Ice cream which would be just as good on these.Even some powdered sugar if you wanted.

Here is the story!

So the other day while at Moms she said have you ever made Brownies in your waffle iron? Uh NO Mam!
She said "well just take a box of brownie mix and make it like the directions say and add one extra egg."
I thought this sounded like a cool idea.I went right to the store that evening and purchased my brownie mix.I used a very cheap mix for this which only cost me 99cents for a 10.25ounce bag at Save A Lot.
I mixed it up just like the directions said and then added one extra egg than it called for.
It made a total of 4 waffles and I must say even one was a lot to handle for one person.I plated two and ate until I could not eat anymore.I would suggest cutting these in half probably for a serving.

I decided to take these to another level with adding homemade chocolate sauce.I would have used store bought but didn't have any.I have provided you with a bonus recipe for the quick easy chocolate sauce,it really does send this over the top.

Jodies Kitchen Chocolate Brownie Waffle with Chocolate Sauce

Jodies Kitchen Chocolate Brownie Waffles
1 package brownie mix and ingredients to make brownies per directions.
1 extra egg
Sliced strawberries
Whipped Cream
Baking Spray (I use Bakers Joy)
Spray waffle iron well with baking spray.Make brownie mix per directions adding the extra egg.Pour mix into your heated waffle iron on medium heat and cook until done.Remove waffles, top with cream and berries.
Jodies Kitchen Easy Chocolate Sauce
Hersey dark chocolate cocoa powder
Powdered sugar
Mix the cocoa and powdered sugar together (equal amounts) Whisk in a little milk to thin until you have your desired consistency for your sauce and sauce is lump free.You may always add more powdered sugar for more sweetness if desired.Refrigerate any unused portion.

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