Thursday, October 31, 2013

Loaded Breakfast Waffles

Jodies Kitchen Loaded Breakfast Waffle

We love waffles in my family,any kind I might add,well as you can tell by this recipe.
Waffles don't always have to be sweet.I use my waffle iron in many different ways.
This recipe came to me many years ago when looking for a different idea for Christmas breakfast.
 This is not an exact recipe its just a to your taste,and as much as you need recipe.Its very easy so I don't think you will have any trouble with this one. You can change up the ingredients and add what ever you like.If your not a Pork eater,Turkey can fit in nicely to this recipe. Gluten Free..Sure you can do that,just use your Gluten free Baking mix and add what ever Gluten free options for veggies or meat you have.
Use your imagination with these.Jalapeno is a great addition along with hot sauce if you want to spice things up..just go for it..The possibilities are endless.

In this recipe my Syrup is the over easy egg I put on top. (not pictured)I love the delicious yellow rich yolk oozing down over top of these.
I also like to add shredded cheese to the top of my waffle after I take it out of the iron instead of inside,but that's totally optional.

You should make sure when browning your sausage that you crumble it as well as possible so that you have small bits all the way through your waffle,well all of your ingredients as far as that goes.
You will want to add plenty of ingredients.If you don't then your just going to get a very Blah tasting dough..
These will be on the crisp side, but as they cool down will soften.I have made these ahead and reheated in a toaster over. 

Jodies Kitchen Loaded Waffles
Bisquick Mix
Salt & Pepper
Sausage..Browned & crumbled
Bell Peppers..Red & Green..Sauteed to your liking
Shredded Cheese
Non Stick Spray..for waffle iron
Mix baking mix and milk together,as much as you need for the amount you are serving.Add your cooked cooled sausage,peppers,salt and pepper.Mix well.Spray waffle iron with non stick cooking spray.When your iron is ready pour mix into your waffle iron.Take waffles out when they have reached a lovely golden brown.Add cheese while still warm.You may add your favorite toppings.

These Waffles Partied at Kitchen Dreaming Friday Social week 10


  1. LOVE THIS, Jodie! Thanks for coming to our Weekend social on I'm pinning this to the weekend party board! BTW< what time is breakfast? :D

    1. Thanks Rhonda.I enjoyed the Linky Party,and look forward to trying out some of the great things that were brought by others.



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