Monday, July 15, 2013

Turkey and Swiss Grilled Waffles

Jodies Kitchen Turkey & Swiss  Grilled Waffle

Jodies Kitchen Turkey and Swiss Grilled Waffle

Yes you can use those Waffle Irons to make a great Grilled Sandwich of any kind.
Simple spray you waffle Iron with a butter spray or grease your waffle iron as you wish.Then place 1 piece of bread on the bottom,add your meat & Cheese then top with the other slice of bread close the Iron and let it cook until golden brown.Good crispy and cheese melts beautifully.I use all types of fillings for this from sweet to savory 

Want to take this over the top? Simply drizzle a little of your favorite condiment or sauce over the top of your waffle sandwich just as you would syrup.My son loves it when I make these for him and I drizzle yellow mustard on the top.I like mine with a drizzle of ranch dressing.You can also make these and cut into fourths for cute little sandwiches everyone will talk about.I have used many types of bread all worked well. 


  1. so YUM! I loved grilled sammies

    1. Katherine,I know you just cant go wrong with a grilled sandwich.Thanks for leaving your comment..You are the very first to comment on my new Blog :)



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