Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Lemonade Cake

Jodies Kitchen Lemonade Cake

Jodies Kitchen Lemonade Cake
1 box lemon instant pudding (small box)
3/4 cup water
3/4 cup oil
4 eggs
1 box lemon cake mix
Mix all together and beat well.Pour into a greased bunt pan.Bake at 350f for about 50 minutes or until done.
3/4 cup sifted powder sugar
small can frozen lemonade - room temp
Mix together and pour over your bunt cake while still in the pan.Let sit several hours before turning out onto your plate.The glaze is not like a traditional glaze that sits on top of the cake,this one runs through so dont let the recipe confuse you.Good Luck This cake is somewhat of a tradition in my Family.My Mom first made it years ago one time when the whole Family was going to the lake house.We all loved it and always asked her to make it for us whenever going.There was several years due to illness she could not go with us,so I decided to give it a shot myself.It was very easy to make and I have made it a couple of times since.But now that Mom is well again,it's back to the tradition of her making us this cake when we go to the lake.It is very moist and very very tart.We have always added the whipped topping to it because it is so tart and it needs the sweetness of the whipped topping to balance it out.I guess you could try using a good vanilla Ice-cream to it as well.
I hope you give it a try and enjoy.


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