Thursday, May 7, 2015

Lemon Thyme Lemonade

A nice refreshing lemonade with a hint of thyme perfect for any occasion.

Lemon thyme is a new herb I added to my collection last year.
I was very excited when I planted this because it is a herb that here in my part of North Carolina is planted once and keeps growing year after year.
I have found many uses for my my lemon thyme since I planted it.
I found myself using it though mostly with grilled chicken, fish, and on vegetables.
It occurred to me one day when I was craving lemonade and about to make some lavender lemonade, why not try the LEMON THYME!!!!!!
After all it really does have a nice lemon flavor.

I really had no idea if the thyme part of the lemon thyme flavor would be too strong and mess my lemonade up completely.

Keep in mind I dont do a lot of fancy cooking but I do like to think outside the box once in a while and use what I grow as much as possible, but dont like to waist either.

I decided to go for it and pretty much use the same method I use to make my lavender lemonade which is my basic fresh lemonade recipe with just a simple infusion.

Honey child!!!!! < It's a southern thing I think.
Let me tell you, I was so happy I made this.It was delicious and so refreshing.
Even my little boy loved it, which he loves about all my lemonades.

It of course will depend on how much thyme you use and the length of time you infuse the lemonade as to just how strong the flavor of thyme would be.I came up with the perfect balance this batch.

This is the infusion I used and you cant get an idea of how much lemon thyme I used.

You may wonder if you could use regular thyme for this recipe if you dont have lemon thyme.
I would say yes but maybe cut back on the amount a little.

The thing I MUST STRESS is to make sure when using fresh herbs, please make sure that you are using herbs that have not been treated with pesticides.If you go out to the local big box and purchase herbs for culinary purposes most of them have been treated with pesticides.
Look for herbs marked organic. I recommend visiting an herb farm or local farmers market, this way it is pretty simple to just ask what the herbs have been treated with.
Remember even if you grow your own or pick up organic herbs they still need to be rinsed before using.I use absolutely nothing on my herbs and they still must be rinsed to get rid of any dirt and any tiny creepy crawlies.Which I have found that a lot of the stronger herbs are actually a good repellent for insects and they aren't a hug problem.BUT RINSE!!!!

Jodies Kitchen Lemon Thyme Lemonade
1 & 1/2 cup sugar
1/2 cup boiling water

Sprigs of cleaned fresh lemon thyme
1 1/2 cup fresh lemon juice (6 to 8 large lemons)
2 quarts cold water
Combine sugar and water in a pot and heat until all the sugar is dissolved.Remove from heat.Place fresh thyme sprigs in the simple sugar mixture and let steep at-least 15 minutes and until cooled.Remove thyme, and in a pitcher combine the infused sugar mix.Add lemon juice and cold water, stir well.Chill for at-least one hour and remember to mix again before serving with ice.
NOTE FOR LEMONADE:You may always add a little more water after tasting if you need. I like the lemon pulp in mine, so you can scrape the insides of the lemon,and remember to save a few slices for garnish.

You may choose to add addition springs of thyme to your pitcher before serving for a pretty presentation.

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  1. Amazing recipe my friend!! I have to grow lemon thyme now!! ♥ Showing some sharing love



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