Thursday, April 9, 2015

Creamy Scallops and Bacon

Creamy scallops and bacon is something I first had many many moons ago.If you aren't sure how long that is exactly, dont worry I dont either..LOL.
It's just a old saying in these parts that means a real long time ago!

My parents went on vacation years ago to the mountains and stayed at a little inn that also had a restaurant. It was so long ago neither one remembers the name.
They ordered creamy scallops and bacon from the menu.

That night my phone rang and mom was on the other end bragging about this delicious dish she and dad had eaten.

My mom has no problem asking for recipes at restaurants, and sometimes she gets lucky but many times she does not.

This was one of the NOT times!

She did bring home a menu which had a short description of this dish.She and I both have been making it every since just by taste.

Because we never had a exact recipe for these delicious scallops I dont have one to pass to you.I never tried to write one myself, but really its very easy so I dont think you will have a problem with it.I dont have the scallions pictured here and it really would have made for a better picture and the scallion does add a nice flavor to this dish. 

Last year on a trip to Morehead City N.C. I found a fantastic local fish market to purchase delicious fresh local seafood.When I seen the beautiful sea scallops I knew exactly what I would do with them, and here it is to share with you.

Jodies Kitchen Creamy Scallops And Bacon
Heavy cream
Salt and black pepper

In a skillet fry several bacon strips till crispy.Remove from skillet and leave just enough bacon fat in pan to sear scallops.Season scallops with salt and pepper, then sear scallops quickly on both sides, without cooking through.Remove scallops and sit aside.Add enough whipping cream to make a sauce scraping up all the bits from bottom of the pan.let sauce simmer reducing for several minutes, add a pat of butter and stir, it should start to thicken up a bit.Place scallops back into the pan, then add cooked bacon pieces back to pan and stir.Add the scallions and serve.

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