Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Single Layer Cakes

If you have ever been faced with the problem of having more cake than you need at once then read on.

More cake than you need.LOL
This is something that hardly ever happens in my family, but, the guys in my family do have a huge sweet tooth.

It occurred to me some while back that most of the recipes I post for cakes are very large cakes and unless you have a big family to feed or a pot luck to take them to, you could be stuck with more cake than you need.
Wasting anything is not good, and especially not cake!
We put a lot of love into making them in the first place and I know the pain of throwing out, what was a delicious cake that we sometimes spent hours making.

You may even feel guilty about eating one of those big layered cakes with all those yummy calories.
You ever been on a diet?
Yeah, me too.
I would look at the cake and say I dont need it, it's not on my diet, then look at it again and say, "well, one bite wont hurt".
Yeah you know what comes next.
One more bite, then another.
Before I know it, I have eaten the whole slice of that yummy double layered cake with all those calories and left myself feeling ashamed.My husband saying "I thought you were on a diet"? There I am sitting around with chocolate smeared on my face saying I will start again on Monday.
I myself believe now, that at no time in life should you ever deprive yourself of cake.
Smaller portions will still satisfy you and not leave you feeling like you just fell off the wagon.

There is no need to throw out any cake from this point on.No need to feel guilty because you ate a piece of cake.
It doesn't matter if you need cake for 1 person or 10, you can still make a lot of the fabulous cakes you love and not feel so guilty about eating them.

Now, most of you realize that cakes can be frozen after you make them.
I myself have kept cake containers for years from pre-made cakes bought at the store.
Yes, Jodie buys store bought cakes from time to time and I am not ashamed of it.
These plastic containers come in handy when needing to take my homemade cakes somewhere and not having to worry about getting my own cake plate back.
These come in handy when I need to freeze the cakes I make myself and find that freezing cake for short periods of time will work fine in these containers.

The cake I chose for this post happens to be a Cherry Cake I had frozen two days before Christmas.
At the time of this post and the picture taken it is late January and the cake tasted just as fresh as if I had just made it.But you may notice how small this cake is compared to the large layer cakes I normally make.

Making Single Layer Cakes!
With this Cherry cake it is only one 8 or 9 inch layer, I honestly dont remember which size pan I used when I made this and didn't feel like looking while writing this..I know, just lazy.
But honestly any size is fine and doesn't really matter.
I have a cake pan shaped like a Christmas tree.I make that Christmas tree cake every year for my son.The problem with that cake pan is, it doesn't hold much batter and I always have extra cake batter left.
Sometimes I use the extra batter to make cupcakes or in this instance I poured the left over batter into one of my round cake pans, bake, frost then freeze for a later time.

So you see, if you want to make a cake but know there is no way you will eat, or need to eat all that cake at once, simply make the batter, pour into two layers or three if thats what the recipe calls for, then frost each individual layer and freeze each one for later.You could also make one for yourself and take the other to a friend.

If there is only one of you in the house that will be eating cake, or you are watching  the amount of sweets you eat, then I suggest you slice cake in single slices to freeze then you may take out one piece at the time.This is such a fabulos idea if watching calories or are a single or two person household.

Honestly these single layer cakes are a great idea for all of us, and does help with portion control.
I myself will eat the whole slice of double or triple layer cake myself if it's put in front of me.

So just remember, cake is a delicious pleasure we should not deprive ourselves from.We also shouldn't skip making cake just because there is only one or two of us in the house.
Put on those aprons and bake some cake!


  1. What a great idea. With a bunch of teenaged boys always around we NEVER have too much cake, but there are definitely times when I'd love to serve less and have some in the freezer for later. Perfect!

    1. Thank you sweetie.It is a rare occasion here as well.



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