Thursday, December 11, 2014

Budget Friendly Shrimp Appetizers

Shrimp is such a favorite among many people and makes a really elegant appetizer to serve for the holidays. But lets face it, it's not always a budget friendly choice for entertaining.
I have found in the past when offering shrimp that it normally gets gobbled up pretty quickly and people dont eat just one or two, more like 8 or more.

If you have a large amount of people you are entertaining then this can get pretty expensive.
First, I always get my shrimp on sale just for these special occasions.When entertaining I like to use what my grocery store marks as extra large.I also like to get the shrimp that is already De-veined for me.This cuts back on so much time.I DO NOT get the precooked shrimp.I like to cook my own adding my favorite seasonings.If you purchase precooked shrimp, I recommend only using it for things like shrimp cocktail, or salads which will require no additional cooking time.No one likes a rubbery shrimp.

I decided to share my top two favorite budget friendly ways to serve shrimp at any gathering.There is endless ways to use shrimp in recipes for entertaining but these are honestly two of the best that still showcase the whole shrimp.Using shrimp in dips can be budget friendly, but I decided to stay away from that idea and instead feature ways to use the whole pieces which I think are a little more elegant looking.

A budget friendly way to serve shrimp cocktail is to do individual shrimp cocktail shots.
Photo by Pinterest
You simply add cocktail sauce to a shot glass and add one shrimp per shot glass.You can also add a small lemon wedge to each glass to dress it up. You can now find plastic shot glasses at many dollar stores, so this helps out on cost as well.If you are not into using plastic shot glasses then by all means purchase real ones, you will have that cost up front, but you will have the glasses to use for many years to come.
Serving shrimp cocktail this way pretty much lets guest know to take one.So consider the savings with this as apposed to plating shrimp cocktail in other ways.If you just have a large amount in a community bowl or on a platter, guest will grab and grab and grab, eating large amounts of shrimp.Costing you large amounts of money.

Recipe for Shrimp with Cocktail Sauce can be found at Food Network

The second trick I use when entertaining now is to make shrimp brushcetta, or crostini like the first picture in my post.With that picture I was actually eating the shrimp myself for lunch one day and used the bread I had on hand.
Presenting shrimp this way adds the bread to the appetizer so not as much shrimp is consumed per person.I have found that with one shrimp on each appetizer people normally help themselves to a average of two per person.This is much less than the 8 + shrimp per person and the appetizer is delicious.If you keep an eye out for marked down french loaves at the grocery store you can sometimes get them for under a dollar.The bread can be frozen if you get it weeks in advance and will work just fine since you will be grilling, or toasting it anyway.

Serving shrimp to guest does not have to break the bank, you just have to know how to plate it.

If you need a recipe for Lemon Garlic Shrimp I have a great recipe for you.I serve this as a main dish for my family but the same recipe works great when you need shrimp for entertaining.You simply add one individual shrimp to each brushcetta or crostini and dont forget to drizzle a little of the sauce on the bread.

Lemon Garlic Shrimp Recipe Found CLICK HERE.


  1. I just love the little mini shot glass servings. They're cute, and MOST people would take a hint and only grab one. Good idea!

  2. You did a fabulous job on this post!

    1. Thank you Patty.I love shrimp, just not the cost.



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