Saturday, November 22, 2014

Round Wedge Salad

Many us us remember that crisp wedge salad from the good old days, and some of you may still be making them.
I however; decided I needed a different look with the same crisp texture and delicious taste.
Obviously you can top this with anything you like and I chose bacon, onion and hard boiled eggs.Ranch dressing for us with this one folks.

This salad is crisp due to using the traditional iceberg lettuce, but much easier to handle.Lets face it, the old fashioned wedge is good but not so friendly when it comes time to cut and eat.

This makes for a spectacular presentation and really is a
"now why didn't I think of that, kind of salad".

The process is simple!

Jodies Kitchen Round Wedge Salad
Starting with one head of iceberg lettuce, slice into rounds depending on how many you need and the thickness you would like.Rinse round wedges and allow to dry.The first slice makes like a nice little bowl seen here in this post.Each additional slice will be flat until you reach the other side, but still round which is what you are looking for anyway.Make sure that you refrigerate your round wedges until ready to assemble with toppings.

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