Monday, November 17, 2014

Pineapple & Cola Baked Ham

Me and my ham.I swear...LOL... I am probably an odd ball here because I am not one who likes those really sweet hams.You know the ones with the brown sugar or maple glazes.They are good dont get me wrong, and I ate my share of them growing up.I also ate my share of those beautiful hams with the pineapple and cloves.Makes for a pretty presentation, just not our thing now.

Speaking of presentation.As you can see I took absolutely no time with this.I had started to take off the thicker skin thin score the fat to make it pretty, cutting in diagonal lines.I then just said heck with it.Nobody was eating this but my little family.Honestly I didn't even have blogging this on my mind at the time.When I realized I had not posted that much with the holidays comings I thought I better grab this off the old I-pad and get a new post wrote up for you.

My guy absolutely hates pineapple if he can taste it or see it.So I had to be sneaky with this having pineapple.I also had to be sure it would not be overly sweet for me.I want my ham biscuits in the morning and no sweetness is allowed.

Using the cola is a old trick a lot of cooks in the south use and really does make for a moist ham.The pineapple juice I use adds a slight sweetness and great flavor, but no so much that I cant sneak it in and it be noticed by the pineapple hater in the house.

Jodies Kitchen Pineapple & Cola Glazed Ham
9 - 10 pound fully cooked bone in ham
1 can regular cola.
1 (6) ounce can pineapple juice
Place ham in a lined baking dish or disposable pan.Pour cola and pineapple juice over top.Cover top of ham with foil and bake on about 325 for 1 and 1/2 hour basting every 15 minutes.I know this is time consuming, but dont skip basting.You may remove foil the last 15 to 20 minutes to allow ham to brown up a bit.


  1. You're smart as pineapple will tenderize the ham and gives it a very very aroma smell after baking it with your ham.
    I never let my kids , now grandsons not to eat this and that, all are hidden in the rice ! When I feed them, I make sure they can't see what they don't want until finished. My grandson would say " Grandma, I don't like veggie, you didn't give me veggie, right ? " I told him " You have finished all the veggie, not bad isn't it ? " then he will say " Oh, No ! " and went away, Kids will not remember that and it will still the same each time I feed them. Chinese often spoon feed our kids so that they will finish all thing food that we wanted them to eat. If they eat by themselves, too many things went under the seat cover as my elder grandson did. Naughty boy.

    1. Mrs Lee.What a great story.Thank you for sharing.



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