Friday, August 8, 2014

Cookies And Cream Pie

Jodies Kitchen Cookies & Cream Pie

Who doesn't just love a good ole cream pie?
I mean we are talking no bake, so easy and so good.
This Cookies & Cream Pie is so easy even a young cook with no experience in the kitchen can whip this up in no time.

Using fresh whipped cream and a from scratch chocolate pie shell would send this over the top for sure, but I am keeping it very simple with all store bought ingredients.
Many of you have probably had this some time.
This isn't some secret old fashioned recipe handed down in my family, but one my family does enjoy a lot and often because it is so easy.

Let's cut a slice and see what's inside!


Yeah boy!
Looks just as good as it taste, and you can see that by adding just a little chocolate sauce and a cookie on top just before serving makes this look as spectacular as it taste.
Now the amount of crushed cookies will be up to you. I do recommend using about 20 cookies but have used up to 26, just remember to crush them up pretty well.
You can also try the mint oreo cookies for a mint cookies and cream pie, my Dad loves those.
Jodies Kitchen Cookies And Cream Pie
1 chocolate no bake pie shell
8 oz whipped topping
20 crushed oreos store brand works fine.
Chocolate sauce, extra whipped topping and cookies for garnish.
Mix cookies into whipped cream and place into pie shell. Freeze one hour, take out and slice. May garnish as you like.

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