Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Strawberry Cake Skewers

Jodies Kitchen Strawberry Cake Skewers

I love simple whimsical desserts like my Strawberry Cake Skewers.
I have never been a huge baker so anything I can come up with to make a fabulous dessert taking shortcuts is always a plus here in my kitchen.

I have been making simple dessert skewers for years because they are so easy.With summer around the corner it's always nice to be able to whip these up when company is coming or as a favorite treat for my little one.The possibilities are endless with dessert skewers, and hey take some help from the store if you wish by purchasing different flavored glazes or make your own.The different glazes can really take this over the top.I just used the basic here in this post today.

I usually make a cake from a box mix for these,but you can always use a store bought cake to make it even more simple.
If you use a white or yellow cake for your skewers than you can really add about what ever fruit you wish.I had a abundance of strawberries the day I did these,but you could defiantly come up with your own combination.You can use different flavors of cake if you wish just make sure the cake you pick will go well with the fruit you choose.You don't even need to stick with only one fruit,you can always mix it up if you wish.I have also did these with chocolate cake and strawberries.Yummy Chocolate and strawberries...and yes you can drizzle with chocolate sauce if you like...I like and I have.
I haven't provided an exact recipe with this one simply because it will all depend on how many you will need & how much fruit and cake you want on each skewer.So here are the details...have fun.

Jodies Kitchen Strawberry Cake Skewers
Cake cut into bite size pieces
Fruit in bite size pieces if they need to be cut.
Powdered sugar and water mixed together for your glaze.
Simply assemble cake and fruit on skewers and drizzle with your glaze.

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