Sunday, July 7, 2013

Sandwich Platter

Jodies Kitchen Party Sandwich Platter

Jodies Kitchen Sandwich Tray

Whether its a few friends and family coming for a pool party like the day I took this pic,or just a lighter lunch or dinner for me and hubby,this is a easy go to for me.

Those pre made sandwich platters can be pretty expensive and making them yourself you not only save money, but you can choose all your favorites for the tray.

Lets face it, sometimes we just need a break from cooking. Maybe we don't want to heat up the kitchen, or maybe it was that last minute phone call from a friend coming by for a visit right at lunch time. You can put out a sandwich platter in just minutes and fill it with a variety you know everyone will love. Adding a variety of meats, cheeses and condiments lets everyone choose their favorite. You can even add flour tortillas or pita for the choices of breads.

Have a few choices for the side like pretzels, chips, or fruit and you have one easy but tasty offering for your guest.

Pictured on my tray:
Variety of  Italian cold cuts
Cheeses included pepper jack, Colby jack and provolone.
Toppings: Green bell peppers, dill pickle slices, fire roasted peppers, jalapeno and tomatoes.

To dress the buns is a ranch and mayo mix or a choice of and balsamic vinegar and oil.
Rolled on the top of the platter is salami filled with cream cheese and banana pepper's, which is a fantastic snack of it's own.

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